Tuesday, April 11, 2023

TOYS ARTPLA Researcher and Tyrannosaurus Set (New, 2023) $60.98

 Product Synopsis

   A tyrannosaurus parent and child appear in a 1/35 scale world! The latest work in the 1/35 scale human and animal plastic model kit series! The Tyrannosaurus (adult) can produce a state where the face is at eye level with a [sitting pose] that combines realism and pictorial [shine] by Shinobu Matsumura. The torso is a specification that expresses the skin in detail, and can be assembled immediately by splitting [Monaka style]. The intricate eye details are reproduced with a slide mold. In addition, two Tyrannosaurus (juvenile) are included. Modeled with feathers growing to reproduce the delicate coat. The researcher and breeder figures, whose size can be seen by arranging them side by side with the Tyrannosaurus, are uniquely sculpted, but are also sculpted in natural poses that can be used in various scenes. Comes with a base for easy standing display.

   Can be enjoyed in combination with the [Keeper and Lion Set], [Tourist and Giraffe Set], [Keeper and Baby Gorilla Set], [Keeper and White Rhinoceros Set], and [Tourist and African Elephant Set] from the same series.

Set contents
・Tyrannosaurus (adult)
・Tyrannosaurus (juvenile) x 2
・Researcher x 3
・Keeper x 2
・Carcass (beef)

- Scale: 1/35, total length about 230mm (Tyrannosaurus (adult))
- Molding color: red brown
- Material: HIPS
- Number of runners: 5
- Supervising director: Shinobu Matsumura
- Prototype production: Tyrannosaurus (adult) (juvenile): Shinobu Matsumura / Researcher and breeder: Taro Murai / Carcass (cow): Honami Mizuta, Alien Nendo (RYO)
- Painting example: BOME / Goro Furuta

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late July 2023. This item is a model kit that requires assembly and paint.

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Dimension: L23cm (9.05") 1/35 Scale
Material: HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
Japanese Title: ARTPLA 研究員とティラノサウルスセット
Territory/Language: Japan/Japanese
JAN Code: 4537807190222