Friday, May 04, 2007

Animal Crossing World Figures

The world belongs to the animals. Bandai takes this concept to heart by producing a toy where recognizable rascals such as Totokeke, Tanukichi, and Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing stand on top of a planet that's mounted upon a tree-trunk pedestal. Every factory sealed case contains nine different boxes which in turn contain a single figure and attendant parts of the globe. By locking the parts together and planting down the included tree accessories, the toy seen to the left may be constructed in about 15 minutes. The figures measure approximately 1" tall and the globe is about 4" in diameter. «more»

Mario Hat Cushions

Late last year, NCS started preorders for Mario and Luigi Hats but the manufacturer neglected to mention that the "Hats" would actually be cushions shaped like hats. As in, they're not really wearable. Due to the error, NCS has contacted every customer who preordered the Mario Hats to reconfirm their orders. We're guessing most people won't want them if they're not wearable but they could sort of turn into hats if you attach a chin-strap and don't mind looking like there's a Mario or Luigi Cushion sitting on top of your noggin like a big loaf of bread. «more»

Bomberman Bakudan Strap

Bomberman has long toiled under Hudson's yoke, appearing in numerous maze-bombing games and other video gaming adjuncts of the original franchise. It all started in 1985 when Hudson introduced gamers to a bomb laying warrior who planted explosives to derail maze-roaming creatures in hot pursuit. From those humble beginnings, Hudson built an enduring franchise which has since branched off into Bomberman racing, mini-game collections, tactical strategy, and adventuring.

The exploitation of Bomberman continues with the Bomberman Bakudan straps which may be attached to any cellphone with a standard through-hole receptacle. Four varieties are on offer as follows:

Red Bomber
Blue Bomber
Black Bomber
White Bomber

Each Bomber is trailed by a quartet of bombs with orange-colored lit fuses. The tops of the bombers' heads are also linked to a cellphone strap for tethering purposes.

Bomberman T-Shirt

Bomberman has become iconic in the past couple of decades that its been in the wild. To give fans and gamers a little taste of wearable Bomberman imagery, Hudson by way of Banpresto offers three Bomberman t-shirts:

A) White t-shirt with an explosive combination in progress that travels the upper length of the tee.
B) Green shirt which features an old school maze with grey blocks and Bomberman action
C) Black t-shirt with six power-up icons lined up in two rows that span the chest area.

Each t-shirt is packaged in a nifty shirt-shaped cardboard pouch which is then wrapped in a plastic bag. Please note the t-shirt size is considered "Free Size" in Japan but the measurements are :

Shoulder Seam to Shoulder Seam : 43.18 cm or 17" across
Collar to the Bottom of Shirt : 55.88cm or 22" in height

We'd describe it as a medium-size shirt that's made of sheer cotton material. We wouldn't recommend the shirt if you normally wear a large size because your body will be bulging through the material and you might take on a Simon Cowell-esque likeness. That's the phenomenon when a male wears a shirt that's too tight.

Catch the Dots: Loderunner

When Lode Runner went to Japan in 1984, Hudson handled the Famicom conversion and the company designed a cutesy elf-like hero for the main character to replace the stick-like figure used in the original game. On the adversarial side of things, Hudson created helmeted hunters who chased the hero across levels and up and down ladders. The adversaries would eventually get their own game - Bomberman, where they dropped bombs to derail each other.

Tomy shows love to Lode Runner with a pair of Catch the Dots toys which each feature a single pegboard and roughly 200 pegs to create recognizable Lode Runner characters in various action poses. By plugging the pegs into the board, artwork may be produced at a slow and deliberate pace. The (A) Runner kit includes enough pegs to create four depictions of hero boy but we're sure we can think of a lot more positions to put him in. The (B) Robot kit includes enough pegs to create four interpretations of the original Bomberman character in various poses and action shots. Preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome at US$8.50 per kit.

Chocobo Cushion

If you're bipedal and not standing, you're probably sitting or sleeping at any one moment. A biped can opt to plop down on a chair or a stool but we'd recommend a bright yellow Chocobo Cushion which measures 41 x 45 cm (16.14 x 17.71") in area. That's enough space to accommodate most posteriors and may even serve double duty as a mattress for a cat, dog, or a pet ferret.
The Chocobo Cushion is filled with a soft yet resilient material that should provide years of service. If you're afraid of scuffing up Choc's brilliant yellow patina, we'd recommend wrapping it in a plastic bag or a transparent sheath before squatting down upon it.

Revoltech 25 Megatron

Megatron lords over the Destrons and he's the subject for the 25th Revoltech toy. Yamaguchi Katsuhisa sculpted the figure and gave Megatron a tiny head, exaggerated shoulders, and a shiny patina that catches the light quite nicely. The beauty of the Revoltech toy line may be found in the Revolver Joints which allow for total freedom when posing the figure. Once a joint is positioned, it'll ratchet into place and stay there until you change its position. Megatron features a total of 13 joints and he may be positioned into battle stances galore or even into thoughtful repose.
The Revoltech 25 packaging also includes a second Megatron head which may be swapped with the default head and three extra hands which may be swapped into Megatron's wrist. Weaponry comes in the form of two cannons - one mounted on his back and the other on his arm. «more»