Friday, April 06, 2007

Super Mario DX Sofubi Figure 2

Banpresto releases a pair of delightful Mario Bros vinyl figures which feature smooth lines and accurate video game to toy product dimensions - both figures look exactly like their digital counterparts. The gentleman on the left is Mario while the monster on the right is Goomba. Mario measures 22cm or 8.66" tall while Goomba clocks in at 18cm or 7.08" squat.
Mario's arms may be positioned in different poses and we found a few uses for the figure as shown in our photo gallery this morning. Goomba doesn't have any movable parts but since he's one of Mario's enemies in the legendary SMB game series, we're guessing he had to make an appearance to provide some adversity. «more»

Catch the Dots: Bomberman

With the release of the Bomberman Catch the Dots toys, Tomy misses Bomberman's 20th Anniversary by 2 years. Nonetheless, the delayed toy homage is better late than never since lesser known games have already made it to the Dot-Pin league. Measuring 7.5cm tall and part of the miniature Dots series, two Bomberman kits are on offer - one for creating the recognizable helmeted Bomber and another for creating bonus pick-ups such as expanded blast radius and quickness. «more»

Famicom Controller Microphone

If you've ever felt the uncontrollable urge to bellow into a Famicom controller, Banpresto has something to fill that desire. The company fits a battery-powered microphone inside a Famicom controller and adds a volume lever along with on/off button controls to project your voice to the heavens. Or maybe just down the hallway...
The controller is a near perfect recreation of the original FC controller with the same shiny gold patina and red plastic shell. The buttons are also soft-click-style for a convincing copy of the original controller. «more»

Super Mario Bros Crystal Maze

Japanese manufacturer Epoch is primarily a toy maker although they've dabbled in video games and related products in the past. The company dabbles a little bit more by releasing two board games based on New Super Mario Bros. The first game on offer today is called "Crystal Maze" which ships in a large cardboard box and is suitable for children at least 4 years old and adults with a penchant for anything related to Mario gaming and frivolity.
Anyone who's played Super Monkey Ball will take to Crystal Maze like a fish to water. By using the red joystick/lever located at the bottom of the game, players tilt the play board to move three metal marbles (one at a time) from the START area at the bottom of the board to the GOAL located at the upper left corner of the board. It's pretty challenging due to the convoluted and tight-spaced maze one has to maneuver through. «more»

Super Mario Bros GuraGura Game

Japanese manufacturer Epoch is primarily a toy maker although they've dabbled in video games and related products in the past. The company dabbles a little bit more by releasing two board games based on New Super Mario Bros. The second game on offer today is called "Gura Gura Game" (Shaky Game) which is suitable for children at least 3 years old.

Gura Gura may be played in two different ways - the first method is to build a wobbly tower by snapping together the parts included inside the package. Once built, up to four players may place a little Mario character figure on the different levels of the tower. The trick is to place the figures so that they maintain the balance of the tower without toppling it over. The second way of playing is a variant of Tiddlywinks except the launching mechanism is a green spring-loaded tube "cannon." «more»

Super Mario Bros Cushions

Banpresto continues their flood of Nintendo products with fluffy cushions inspired by New Super Mario Bros. A red-capped Mushroom, a toothy Goomba, and a Star Coin are featured in the collection. Each cushion measures 31cm or 12.20" in length and are approximately 2" thick. Sit on one and rest in comfort knowing that a familiar Mario icon supports your weighty girth with all of its might. Stack all three on top of each other and you'll have something that looks like an egg (star), tomato (mushroom), and hamburger (Goomba's the meat) sandwich.

Tales of the Abyss One Coin

Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants lead a cast of six characters in Kotobukiya's Tales of the Abyss One Coin Figures which feature high production values at reasonable prices. The figures measure 8 cm to 11 cm tall and the characters featured are: Luke fon Fabre, Guy Cecil, Tear Grants, Anise Tatlin, Jade Curtiss, and Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear. The secret figure is Don Master Ion. Two types of each regular character is randomly packaged with the difference being the weapon that's included. «more»

Naruto Shippuuden Ningyoshu

Naruto, his friends, and his enemies grow up in the Naruto Shippuden animated series and Bandai's Ningyoshu Collection Trading Figures follows their growth. Naruto is no longer squat and child-like but more like a lanky teenager. Each factory sealed case of 10 randomly packaged figures is priced at US$30 and eight characters are featured in the set as follows:

Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake, Neji Hyuga, Rock Lee, Gaara, Itachi Uchiha, and Kisame Hoshigaki.