Thursday, May 01, 2008

Emblem of Gundam - New Import, In Stock

Bandai avoids doing another run 'n gun Gundam game and plunges the fabled franchise into a turn-based strategy sim which follows the events that began in the Gundam 0079 timeline. Emblem of Gundam is a mix of interactive story-driven sequences and tactical theaters of conflict.

Players marshal mechs on grid-laced battlefields where single unit encounters are possible along with skirmishes between entire squadrons of up to 100 mechs. The action takes place on the touch screen while the top screen shows team stats and other indicators. When a battle begins, the Power Balance of the two sides is shown which determines which contingent is stronger.

Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! Fate of Heat - New, In Stock

The cast of Hitman Reborn find themselves in an RPG which features card-battling action where two sides fight it out in a conventional side-viewed encounters. Think of it as a gritty urban take on the RPG fighting style engendered by the Final Fantasy games. When an encounter starts up, the takes place on the top screen while the touch screen features an assemblage of attack cards that are tapped to swing a bat or throw an armful of crackling dynamite. Two new characters are introduced in the game - Albito and Rizona, two sandy-haired blondes from the Evocadore Familia. The first production of the game includes a set of five bonus trading cards featuring Hitman characters in 1:1 ratio.

Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium - New Import, In Stock

The Famista game series hails from the old school. The real old school of the late 80s. In the video game industry, anything that's roughly 2 decades long in the tooth can be considered ancient since four successive console generations can be squeezed into those 20 years. For a while, Namco allowed Famista to languish in limbo but started producing games again in 2003. As we close out the last week of April, the baseball season is in full swing and a new Famista game joins our growing Wii software library.

Family Stadium for the Wii features glossy and polished visuals. Whereas earlier Famista's featured pudgy baseball players and vanilla stadium graphics, the new release is sleek and shiny. The unique control mechanics of the Wii allow pitchers to whip the Wiimote forward to throw a fastball while batters literally swing for the virtual fences. A new feature is the "Cheering System" where supporters armed with Wiimotes can wag them to increase the likelihood of player hitting a pitch or knocking a batter out. A training mode allows players to practice batting, catching, running, and pitching by engaging in simple mini-games. Famista features a total of six stadiums and the Wi-Fi mode allows players to play ball online.

Virtual Boy Panic Bomber - Clearance

Hudson's Panic Bomber is a Tetris/Columns play-alike where blocks fall from the top of the screen and waft downwards. The user rotates and moves each block so that it touches congruent parts below. Bombs may be earned and then positioned to clear out swaths of blocks on the playfield. Nice 3-D background effects make the game look like it's floating in mid-air but staring too hard at the crimson screen might cause headaches.

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