Wednesday, October 03, 2012

 TOYS Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jaycee 1/7 Scale Bishoujo Statue - Import Preorder

From the Manufacturer
   A Kotobukiya Japanese import! The hit new line of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 bishoujo statues continues!

    With its thrilling martial arts action, the Tekken series of video games from Namco has been a huge hit with players since the original arcade game in 1994. In the games, fighters compete in the King of Iron Fist tournament for control of the Mishima Zaibatsu Corporation, using their unique talents against their opponents.

    Next up after Christie, Alisa, and Asuka is the mysterious luchador fighter Jaycee! Also known as the “Wandering Fighter,” the masked contestant Julia Chang from Arizona is presented here based on a new interpretation of the character by master Japanese illustrator Shunya Yamashita. With her intricate and unique outfit, Jaycee presents a powerful image as she stands with her back to you, checking you out over her shoulder with a knowing grin. The masked fighter looks great in her mini lingerie-like bodysuit with thigh high boots and long gloves, and the color scheme of pink and white with pale blue highlights only emphasizes her hotness.

    Jaycee stands on her tip toes, stretching her legs and further emphasizing her amazing physique. A fringe of feathers surrounds her shoulders while a plumed wrestling-style mask (that still lets her hair flow behind her in two long tendrils) hides her identity in the competition. You can even display her as the mysterious Jaycee or as Julia Chang with an included interchangeable unmasked head! Standing slightly over 8 inches tall (1/7 scale) on a special display base, Jaycee was sculpted by Busujimax (Takaboku Busujima) with special attention to her intricate costume and hair. The masked fighter is a fantastic addition to your Tekken Tag Tournament 2 bishoujo statue collection!


    Preorders are welcome to ship in March 2013 at JPY6800 or US$68.90 from NCS.

 Japanese Title: 鉄拳タッグトーナメント2 TEKKEN美少女 JAYCEE | AA
 Jan Code: 4934054901807 | 603259028537

 TOYS Bread Dog Keychain Gashapon Set - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
   Bandai has started preorders for a 'Bread Dog' keychain set where hapless canines are encased in pieces of bread. There's two hot dogs in the set - one topped with catsup and the other with mustard - and two pooches which are encased in a body-wrapping bun. The remaining two dogs are a tea cup poodle and a Pomeranian which is trapped in melon bread. Each keychain dog measures approximately 5.7cm or 2.24" in length. Preorders are welcome to ship in late January 2013 at JPY2400 or US$30.90 from NCS for the complete set of six keychains.