Friday, May 09, 2008

Toshi Densetsu: Uma Takkyubin - Preorder

The supernatural, preternatural, and monstrous are featured in Epoch's upcoming Toshi Densetsu Uma Takkyubin toy set which includes alien creatures and in one case, the head of a bovine that's the end result of a cattle mutilation. Aliens and/or monsters featured in the set include:

» Mothman - Piercing red eyes and wings are its distinguishing features
» Gray - A humanoid creature that's colored... gray.
» Sea Monster Carcass - Trawled up by a Japanese fishing boat in 1977
» Loch Ness Monster - Known affectionately as "Nessie"

The Nordics and the Reptilians are missing in this set but perhaps they'll make an appearance in a future collection. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late August 2008 at US$25.90 per complete set of 10 toys.

Korokoro Electric Yo-yo - Preorder

A yo-yo is a toy that's strung with a length of string. Tether one end of the string to your finger and the yo-yo becomes a part of your being. It obeys your hand movements and dutifully coils upwards when jerked like an ever-rolling puppet.

An electric yo-yo is just like a regular yo-yo but with special properties such as flashing lights and whirring sounds that are discordant enough to frighten woodland rodents. It's been years since NCS has toyed with yo-yos but we'll apparently get a chance this summer. System Service has started preorders for a collection of eight electric yo-yos of different sizes. Four of the yo-yos measure 5.70cm or 2.24" in diameter while the other four measure 4.60cm or 1.81" in diameter. Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2008 at US$25.90 per complete set of 8 yo-yos.

Jinbezame Rubber Strap - Preorder

The creatures that swim in the sea are diverse and plentiful. From microscopic rotifers to massive whale sharks, the ecosystem of the ocean holds wonders of biology and evolution. For example, the Anglerfish is a deep sea monster which lures prey with a luminous appendage which protrudes from its head. By wagging the appendage like a lure, hapless prey are attracted towards the Anglerfish's gaping maw and consequently consumed.

To show love to the voracious Anglerfish and other creatures of the deep, Epoch has started preorders for the Jinbezame Rubber Strap set. The word "Jinbezame" means whale shark but it's used to encompass the creatures in the set which include a manta ray, a yellow puffer, blackfin tuna, and more. Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2008.

Baseball Game 50th Anniversary - Preorder

Way before the age of video games made virtual baseball an immersive experience, baseball fans had to make do with mechanically-operated baseball board games. By using levers and flippers, the sport of baseball was simulated for fun seekers both young and old. The olden games weren't very good but that's what our parents and elder siblings had to deal with back in the day.

Epoch celebrates the days of mechanically operated baseball games and sports games in general with an upcoming collection of miniature table game gashapon. Two baseball games are featured in the set but there's also a bowling game, a soccer game, a hockey game, and even a tennis game. The toys measure approximately 6cm or 2.36" in length and we'll post up photos once the toys arrive. Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2008 at US$25.90 per complete set of 8 toys.

Super Runabout - Clearance

Carnage is your middle name when you gun your vehicle in this all-out, drive anywhere, damn it all racing game where you're unleashed upon an unsuspecting metropolis. The second mission is our favorite where you deliver hotdogs to the VIP in City Hall.

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