Friday, October 22, 2021

TOYS Cleverin X Bearbrick Marvel Air Freshener (2022) Preorder $89.98/box

 Product Synopsis

   Cleverin, which is part of Taiko Pharmaceutical, launched the "airborne disinfection" product which removes more than 99% of airborne and surface-adhering viruses/bacteria with a chlorine dioxide gas. Perfect for your home or office to remove all unwanted visitors! For this set, Cleverin partnered with Bearbrick to launch 8 unique stick cases/figures from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! With each individual box comes 1 random figure and 1 stick. The characters featured in the set are:

» Black Panther
» Captain America
» Captain Marvel
» Hulk
» Iron Man
» Spider-Man
» Two secret figures

   How to use: Snap and bend the stick, shake the stick and put it in the Bearbrick x Marvel container (Instructions are on the side of the box).

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late November 2021.

Product Specs
Publisher: Medicom Toy / Taiko Pharmaceutical
Dimension: H15cm (5.90")
Material: PVC, ABS, Sodium chlorite solution, highly water-absorbent resin
Japan title: クレベリン×ベアブリック (マーベルデザイン)
Jan Code: 4987110011231
Territory/Language: Japan