Monday, November 05, 2007

Juicy Honey Premium Edition - Import Preorder

Mint has started preorders for a new collection of Juicy Honey trading cards which is scheduled to ship in December 2007. The set is called Premium Edition which implies high-end talent to go with the quality glossy cardboard. The JAV idols featured in the new collection are:

» Kotono Higashi [Popular newcomer to the JAV scene]
» Tina Yuzuki (Rio)
[Of Japanese and Portuguese parentage]
» Maria Ozawa
[Of French-Canadian and Japanese parentage]

We expected Anna Ohura instead of Kotono since Ann's of mixed parentage (French and Japanese) just like Tina and Maria but maybe Mint wanted a pureblood in there. The Premium Edition is limited to only 2000 boxes only which implies a rampant and healthy resale aftermarket. We also expect a quick sellout for preorders in Japan over the next few days but until then, preorders are welcome to ship on or around December 15, 2007. Please note that Mint is packaging three inner cartons into 1 box and selling them for JPY12600 each or US$129 from NCS.

Angel Kiss Vol. IV - Import Preorder

Preorders are welcome for the fourth collection of Angel Kiss cards which is scheduled to ship in late November 2007. A total of 64 regular cards is featured in the set but a large assortment of rare cards such as DNA, Bra Hook, Autograph, and Photograph cards is scattered randomly in the packs. Preorders are welcome to ship in early Dec at US$58 per box.

Ceramic White Playstation 3 Console - Import Preorder

The first color variant for the Playstation 3 console is a Ceramic White number which is glossy and beautiful... and apt to get dirty, smudged, and attract layers of dust like a magnet draws in nails. Despite the potential cosmetic drawbacks however, we're going to keep a couple of the white PS3 consoles in our gaming area to keep our Dreamcast consoles company. There's not many gaming machines that are colored a nice bright white color and they'll provide middling contrast against the other consoles. Preorders are welcome to ship on or around November 11.

Haruhi Suzumiya Bunny Figure v1.5 - Import Preorder

In the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the selfsame heroine of the series is a high school student name Haruhi who can alter reality without knowing it. Bandai takes a more direct approach to Haruhi's shifting realities with a special 20cm tall figure which changes color depending on the temperature. When the heat is on at 30°C or 90°F, Haruhi wears red bunny ears, a red skintight dress, and a red bow to complement her bare legs. However, when the temperature drops below 16°C or 61°F, Haruhi's ensemble changes color to black and her legs are covered with black hosiery. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late February 2008 at US$39 each. Jan Code: 4543112513779.

Alien Power Loader Box Set - New Import, In Stock

Remember when Ripley went back to get Newt in the Aliens movie? That supercharged sequence showed Ripley's mothering instinct - sort of like when a mama bear does whatever it takes to protect her cub. Ripley also showed off her honed warrior skills where she destroyed bunch of slavering Warrior Aliens as well as hordes of Alien Queen eggs. In the climactic final battle, Ripley suited up in a Power Loader and faced off against the Queen herself. With deft skill and the power of mechanical arms, Ripley defeated the Queen and the movie ended with a happily ever after conclusion.

Medicom celebrates the Aliens movie with a set of figures which may allow fans to recreate the final scene of the movie. There's Ripley in the Power Loader, then there's four Alien Eggs, three Warrior Aliens, and the Queen Bee. The figures measure between 6-10cm each and will all be packaged in a window box. Preorders and new orders ship today.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Saber Maid Version - In Stock

Alter's latest figure creation takes aim at Saber of Fate Stay Night fame. Normally decked out in a blue suit of armor, the blonde warrior trades in her armaments for a mop and a frilly maid's outfit. Saber stands with panty-hosed-covered legs apart and rests both hands atop the handle of a cleaning instrument. A bucket of water is nowhere to be seen but you can probably buy a toy pail from a USA toy shop or make your own. We're going to use a soda bottle cap and fill it with orange detergent. A blue bow keeps the back of Saber's hair together so that it forms a compact bun. The figure is set at 1/6 scale and measures 26cm or 10.23" tall from her feet to the top of her maid's doily/cap.
Pricing is listed at JPY7800 or US$75 from NCS and preorders as well as new orders will ship today.

Melty Blood Series II Ciel 1/8 Scale Figure - In Stock

Ciel is a conditional immortal who can never die. That is, until she finds a vampire named Roa and destroys him, thus snuffing out her own life. Many years ago, the vampire Roa inhabited Ciel's body and turned her into a bloodsucker. However, Ciel was killed by Arcueid Brunestud who was on a mission to destroy Roa's incarnations wherever they may rise. Since Ciel was imbued with magic abilities, she returned to life after Roa had left her lifeless body to inhabit another. After repeated attempts to kill her, Ciel was eventually used as an agent to hunt down Roa and exterminate him once and for all.

Sol International's 1/8 scale rendition of Ciel measures 18cm or 7.08" in height. Her weapons known as the Black Keys are in full display but the mighty Seventh Holy Scripture cannon is nowhere to be seen...

Melty Blood Series II Sion 1/8 Scale Figure - In Stock

Similar to Ciel, Sion Eltnam Atlasia is a vampire. She was turned by Walachia and becomes a daughter of Lilith while on assignment with the Church Organization. Sion seeks to revert to human form once more with the help of Arcueid Brunestud. Her other ambition in life is the destruction of Walachia. In the Melty Blood series, she eventually befriends the protagonist Shiki Tohno.

Sol International apparently has a penchant for vampires and they sculp Sion in a dynamic pose where she's in mid-step. Sion wears a purple alchemist uniform to match her violet tresses - a tensile ponytail lashes out from the back of her head for a whippy effect. The Sion figure is 1/8 scale and measures 18cm or 7.08" tall. A gold-colored display base is also included which is marked with the Melty Blood title and her name.

Mina Majikina 1/4 Scale Figure - New Import, In Stock

Japanese toy manufacturer Daiki Kogyou originally released the 1/4 scale Mina Majikina toy in resin kit form last year and buyers flocked to it like chickens to cracked corn. After selling out of the kits, Daiki Kogyou rewards patient collectors with an assembled and fully painted figure. The toy is limited to only 3000 units and pricing is set at JPY23,100 or US$289 from NCS. The cardboard packaging for the toy is pretty much the largest we've seen without being a corrugated box.

Mina Majikina is sculpted to 1/4 scale or 45cm tall which converts to a magnificent 17.71" from blue tabi socks to the top of Mina's flowing silver tresses. Although the product photo doesn't show the full expanse of her bow, the Chinsei Hachijou in her left hand spans 50cm or 19.68" in length. In her right hand, Mina grips three arrows which are pointed downwards and a green quiver is lashed to her back. Champuru is missing but we imagine that the little demon is out gathering berries. Or squirrels.

Shining Wind Kureha 1/7 Scale Figure - New, In Stock

Max Factory continues to sculpt maidens from the Shining Wind property with a new 1/7 scale PVC figure which features the willowy form of Kureha Touka from the Shining Wind game as well as the Shining Tears X Wind animation serial. In the television series, Kureha is transported along with Souma Akizuki to a land known as End Earth. Although Kureha was just an average student in her previous life, she serves double duty as a shrine maiden and works with Souma as well as Kiriya and Seena while stranded on End Earth. Kureha is also one part of a love triangle where she has strong feelings for the aloof hero Kiriya while Souma has unrequited love for Kureha.

The Shining Wind Kureha figure is set at 1/7 scale or 25cm which converts to 9.84" tall. Her eyes are hazel, a lavender bow adorns the top of her head, and a flower-like bloom billows out from the back of her outfit. Kureha's weapon of choice is a long bow which she tucks behind her right arm. The figure is constructed of a mix of PVC and ABS and a display stand is included. Preorders and new orders will ship today.

To Heart 2: Tamaki Kousaka 1/5 Scale Figure - In Stock

Daiki's sculpted version of Tamaki Kousaka is statuesque but somewhat bashful which is against type. In the To Heart 2 game, Tamaki is basically an authoritative figure who's apt to issue directives. The other girls admire her and the boys are somewhat fearful. However, Tamaki is seemingly playing the part of demure waif in the Daiki sculpt. We don't mind but we wanted a version of Tamaki that was more warrior than fainting maiden. Tamaki Kousaka is set to 1/5 scale and measures 37cm or 14.56" tall. Like we mentioned earlier, she's statuesque.

The full title of this product is "To Heart 2 XRated Tamaki Kousaka 1/5 Scale painted figure" and was originally released in August of 2007. Per the "XRated" portion of the product title, Tamaki's top and bottom may be removed to allow the figure to stand in birthday suit repose.

Pumpkin Family Katyusya - New Import, In Stock

Marusou's pumpkin hairpiece is a few days too late for Halloween but there's always next year. Looking it over this morning, we're fairly certain that school kids with some fuzzy wire and mini pumpkins can make the same thing without paying Marusou's price.

The part that goes over the wearer's head is an Alice band and the three plushy pumpkins on top of it are tethered by way of fuzzy green wire which coils around the Alice band.
The size of the pumpkins is different with the largest one positioned right in the middle. The band is flexible and will fit most heads... unless you're a sea monster of some sort. The material used to make the Pumpkin Family Katyusya is cotton and polyester. Pricing is set at US$12.50 and new orders are welcome to ship today.

Witch Hat Katyusya - New Import, In Stock

Become the center of attention at the next Halloween office party by wearing a shiny black witch's hat which is fitted with an orange band. Okay.... maybe you won't be the center of attention but you'll draw at least a few stares and maybe a smattering of catcalls. The hat is also a simple prop that won't require any prep time or fuss to wear.

The witch hat measures
approximately 15cm or 6" in height is made of polyester. Similar to the Pumpkin Family Katyusya, the witch hat is attached to an Alice band which clamps down on the wearer's skull securely. The band is flexible and will fit most heads... unless you're the second cousin once removed of Shrek. Pricing is set at US$12.50 and new orders are welcome to ship today.