Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dance Battle Audition Portable

During an audition, an aspiring star attempts to impress talent or casting agents by singing and dancing. Move and flow like Deer Park Spring water and you might get a callback. Audition Portable is sort of like that. Based on the popular Audition Online game for the PC, PSP players get to follow arrow cues ala DDR and watch as their onscreen dancer performs. If you hit the cues brilliantly, the dancer sways and spins like a hero. Botch the cues however and your tiny dancer may appear to be inebriated as her two left feet get in the way of themselves.

Audition Portable features a 67 song track list with a mix of Korean pop, trance, club music, and more. While one can play the game solo, a network mode option allows up to six players to participate. As mentioned earlier, the cues consist of a sequence of arrows that point north, south, east, and west. To match them, tug on the d-pad accordingly in the directions as they appear. Once the string of cues have been hit, wait for the "closing cue" to complete the move. As you finish each string, you'll be ranked with "Miss," "Bad," "Cool," "Great," and "Perfect." Chain a number of "Perfect" rankings together and you'll be earning bonus points to scale up your score and racking up Den points. For the uninitiated, Den is the coin of the realm in the world of Dance Battle Audition. With a man-purse full of Den, players may purchase goodies and outfits. Occasionally, a red-colored arrow cue appears which indicates a reversal move. For example, if a red up-arrow appears, push downwards on the d-pad.

Audition Portable Special Edition

The special edition of Audition Portable includes the following items in addition to the game software itself.

» 100,000 Den Item Coupon
» Spiral bound desktop calendar
» Dance Battle Audition daily diary for chronicling your life
» Puffy sticker cell phone strap featuring a couple of dancers
» Dance Battle Audition Portable Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 minidisc
» Decorative simulated wood grain packaging

Final Fantasy AC 1/4 Scale Sephiroth Statue

Hot on the heels of the Final Fantasy Advent Children Cloud Strife 1/4 Scale Statue, Square Enix has started preorders for a 1/4 scale version of Sephiroth who also hails from the Final Fantasy Advent Children feature film.
In the movie, a bad boy named Kadaj led two other thugs named Loz and Yazoo against Cloud and friends. The hoodlums were looking for Mother. When they found her in a case containing Jenova's remnants, Kadaj transformed into the silver-haired Sephiroth.
The Sephiroth 1/4 scale statue measures 45cm or 17.71" tall and depicts the warriors in a becalmed pose where he hefts a sword in his left hand and stares out into the distance. There's apparently a wind blowing because the ends of his hair are lively. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late October 2007 at JPY50000 or US$400 from NCS. We will package this item in a double container for protection against shipping damage.

Portrait of Pirates Neo 1 Renewal

Manufacturer Megahouse has started preorders for a "Neo 1" reproduction of the first Portrait of Pirates figures, namely Luffy and Namie in their original poses from the first POP set.
Luffy may be spied to the left where his straw hat is off his head and hangs behind him. Luffy is apparently content with standing there and cracking his knuckles. On the right, Nami coyly wields a blue staff while dressed in a bikini and a pair of dungarees.
Each figure measures 20cm tall or 8" tall. A platform is included with each character for display purposes. Namie's staff and Luffy's straw hat are included with the figures in the packaging and may be "attached" to the figures as shown in the photos. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late September 2007 at US$45 per figure.

Japanese Preorder Update

According to the publisher preorder solicitations, the first production of Wii Kidou Senshi Gundam MS includes a bonus Gundam Memorial disc and the first batch of DS Naruto: Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 5 will include a bonus DS Lite shell. Please note that allocation ratios may affect the quantity of bonuses that we receive.
The two portable Yu-Gi-Oh games will include 3 bonus cards each.
Nintendo DS
7/05 Chibi-Robo DS Nintendo
7/12 Ganbaru Watashi no Kakei Diary Nintendo
7/19 Cinnamon Ball Kurukuru Sweets Paradise Rocket

Naruto: Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 5 Tomy
7/26 Mame Goma Honobo no Nikki TDK Core
8/02 Kikansha Thomas Kokugo Sansuu Eigo Rocket

Suraidoadobencha Magukiddo Nintendo
8/09 Donkey Kong Jungle Climber Nintendo

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Card Almanac Konami
8/23 Hayate no Gotoku! Konami

Hayate no Gotoku! Limited Edition Konami
Playstation 2
8/02 J.League Winning Eleven 2007 Club Champion Konami
Playstation Portable
7/26 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX Tagforce 2 Konami
Nintendo Wii
7/26 Kidou Senshi Gundam MS Sensen 0079 Bandai

Mario Party 8 Nintendo