Wednesday, February 20, 2019

 GEAR Godzilla Ukiyoe Mount Fuji Men's Boxer Briefs - New Import, In Stock US$20.90

Product Synopsis
   Along with the Godzilla Ukiyoe Mount Fuji T-Shirt from last week, ASK is reproducing the similarly themed boxer briefs which depict a rampaging Godzilla facing off against the Great Wave off Kanagawa. Between the two monsters are a few hapless sailors who fall towards the ocean. The briefs feature two renditions of Godzilla on the front while the full Wave off Kanagawa scene is shown on the back.

Medium: Waist about 76 - 84cm, Total length about 28cm, Hem width about 19 cm
Large: Waist about 84 - 92cm, Total length about 29cm, Hem width about 21 cm
X-Large: Waist about 92 - 103cm, Total length about 29.5 cm, Hem width about 23 cm
XX-Large: waist about 103 - 114cm, total length about 29.5 cm, Hem width about 25 cm

Product Specs
Manufacturer: ASK
Material: Polyester 88% Polyurethane 12
Product SKU: 4994643508626 | 4994643508633 | 4994643630754 | 4994643630761
Japanese Title: ボクサーパンツ 富嶽三十六景大怪獣ノ図 NV M | L | XL | XXL
Territory/Language: Japan