Friday, May 01, 2009

RAH #544 Naked Snake Cold War Version - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» Solid Snake or just Snake strikes an imposing figure when garbed in dark combat fatigues and camouflage. Gruff, surly, and overly serious, Snake usually has a cigarette pursed between his lips. We think he's smoking a Marlboro but there's no way in hell it's a Pall Mall. Snake's dark garb is conducive to stealth and sneaky tactics when he does those things that he does.

Medicom's latest rendition of Snake (well, Big Boss really... but they're clones anyway) for their renowned Real Action Heroes figure series takes inspiration from Metal Gear Solid 3 and puts our favorite special ops wunderkind in a decidedly flamboyant outfit. The bright orange utilitarian uniform that Snake's wearing basically screams "Look at me!" at the top of its lungs and the yellow hammer and sickle etched across the front connotes cold war Mother Russia.

The upcoming RAH Naked Snake figure measures 30cm or 11.81" tall and is equipped with the usual accoutrements needed for a special ops mission. Please note the figure is limited to only 1000 units. The last time this happened with the original RAH Snake, we got a total of 6 pieces (1 case) despite preordering 96 (16 cases). As such, please be aware that prices may increase to loftier levels in case of shortages and we're forced to secure inventory from retail sources at retail prices. Thanks.

TEE Taito Game T-Shirt Bubble Bobble [LARGE] - SOLD OUT

«©NCSX» Bubblun is a green dragon who blows bubbles in the game Bubble Bobble. One of Bubblun's adversaries in the game is a hooded goblin named Drunk who doesn't even appear until stage 50. The first few enemies that Bubblun encounters are the chomping Zen-Chan, Maita, and Monsta. None of those early-level enemies appear in Taito's upcoming Bubble Bobble T-shirts but Drunk makes the cut to join Bubblun in their respective t-shirts.

The LARGE size of the Bubble Bobble Bubblun t-shirt arrived today but only a partial shipment made it in. The remainder should arrive next week but we'll begin processing and shipping the first 1/2 of our preorders this afternoon. The t-shirt is nice and thick with a crew neck collar. If you see a somewhat malnourished waif stumbling around Manhattan this weekend wearing a beautiful Bubblun t-shirt, that's one of ours.

Taito Game T-Shirt Darius Gaiden - SOLD OUT

«©NCSX» Taito debuted Darius Gaiden in 1994 and we remember looking at the introductory sequence and having zero success in making sense of the "Engrish" text. There was a blurb about Proco and Tiat going on a journey, something about a planet called "Vadis" and a "Demon's Hand" causing some trouble there. We recognized the "Silver Hawks" in the intro but little else made much contextual sense. Taito couldn't do English but at least they could churn out a good shooter. The first boss in Darius Gaiden was a monstrous fish known as Golden Ogre which shot out waves of metallic scales and fired a blistering laser blast. Forget him. While you're at it, forget about Ancient Dozer, Deadly Crescent, and even the mega-mighty Crusty Hammer. There could only be one monster with enough stature, good looks, and pimp-handedness to appear in Taito's official Darius Gaiden tee - King Fossil. The King has appeared in all but two Darius games so he's the natural monster model of choice. Partial preorders will begin shipping this afternoon.

250 Manin no Kanken Premium Zenkyu Zenkanji - In Stock

«©NCSX» Practice your kanji reading and writing skills with the latest volume of 250 Manin no Kanken which translates to "Kanji Practice Test for 2.5 Million People." The software features exercises for writing kanji properly with the correct stroke order and learning the proper pronunciation. The writing area on the touch screen is made of four quadrants upon which kanji characters may be written and then entered into a character holding row directly above the quadrants. While your kanji writing is taken shape on the screen, a character box on the immediate left of the writing area begins to interpret what you're writing and "guesstimates" which kanji you're scribbling appear inside the box. Once the correct one appears, stop writing and it's automatically entered into the kanji holding row. The character recognition is rather good and very fast for efficient exercise stints.