Monday, April 25, 2016

 TOYS Batman Arkham Night Play Arts: Batgirl - Import Preorder US$128.90

Product Synopsis
   Smart, brave, and tough – Batgirl™ is all three at once! That is what we have expressed in this figure, painstakingly crafted by our artists. Her long hair has been reproduced using flexible materials and ratcheted jointing, while the three-part construction of her cape enables elegant movement and posing. Attention went not only into reproducing her striking silhouette, but also into the details of her uniform, such as the seaming, rivets, and belt. The careful paint application emphasizes the realistic textures on this figure. With gadgets unique to her character and a variety of exchangeable hand parts, there is more to this Batgirl™ than just its breathtaking finish.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2016. 
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Square Enix
Material: PVC, ABS
Dimension: W4.0" x D2.2" x H9.92"
JAN Code: 4988601325820 / 662248816876
Japanese Title: BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT PLAY ARTS改 バットガール™
Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Fate/Grand Order Charatoria Vol. 1 - Import Preorder US$53.90/set

Product Synopsis
   The cast of characters from Fate/Grand Order are imprinted onto rubber straps which are backed by a mounting clip so they can be attached to clipboards, paper, and other thin surfaces that can accommodate a clip.

   Preorders for the complete set of six straps are welcome to ship in late July 2016.
Product Specs
Manufacturer: Aljourno Products
 Dimension: W5.0 × H6.7cm (1.96 x 2.63")
 Material: PVC, ABS
Product SKU: 4560380802732
 Japanese Title:
きゃらとりあ Fate/Grand Order Vol.1
 Territory/Language: Japan

 OST Bayonetta 2 Original Soundtrack - Import Sale US$68.90/each

Product Synopsis
Wave Master captures the music tracks from Bayonetta 2 on a 5-CD original soundtrack exclusive to the Japanese marketplace. Orders ship same-day if placed before 4PM EDT.
Track Listing
[Disc 1]
02.The Legend Of Aesir(3:34)
03.ルーメンの賢者 (EV01)(1:03)
04.終焉 (EV02)(1:08)
05.チャプタースタート (GM01)(2:06)
06.プロローグ (EV03-1)(0:53)
07.ショッピング A (EV03-2)(1:39)
08.ジャンヌ登場 (EV03-3)(0:24)
09.予感 A (EV03-4)(0:44)
10.予感 B (EV03-5)(0:40)
11.ショッピング B (EV03-6)(0:45)
12.ベヨネッタ戦闘態勢 A (EV03-7)(1:12)
13.Moon River (∞ Climax Mix)(8:30)
14.ロダンからのプレゼント A (EV04-1)(1:08)
15.ラブイズブルー装着 (EV04-2)(0:18)
16.ロダンからのプレゼント B (EV04-3)(0:25)
17.Theme Of Bayonetta 2-Tomorrow Is Mine(4:24)
20.The Heavies (2nd Climax Ver.)(4:05)
21.魔獣召喚 (2nd Climax Ver.)(0:47)
22.ゴモラ暴走 (EV05)(0:55)
23.Gomorrah-Devourer Of The Divine(4:13)
24.Time For The Climax!(2:32)
25.哀しみと怒り (EV06)(0:33)
26.The Gates Of Hell(4:08)
27.ジャンヌの命運 (EV07-1)(1:03)
28.魔界の入口、ゲイツ・オブ・ヘルへ (EV07-2)(0:49)
29.チャプタークリア (GM02)(1:47)
30.エンツォの語り (EV08)(1:06)
31.エンツォとフライト A (EV09-1)(0:30)
32.エンツォとフライト B (EV09-2)(1:01)
33.水の都 ノアトゥーン (ST01)(3:56)
34.時の記憶 A(1:36)
35.ノアトゥーン 混沌の遺跡 (ST02)(3:21)
37.ノアトゥーン 水の広場 (ST03)(3:28)
[Disc 2]
01.謎の少年、ロキ登場 (EV10-1)(0:46)
02.ロキとの会話 A (EV10-2)(2:49)
03.ロキとの会話 B (EV10-3)(0:44)
04.ヴァリアンス現る (EV11)(0:52)
05.ノアトゥーン教会 (ST04)(3:23)
06.ロキとの再会 (EV12)(0:30)
08.危機迫るロキ (EV13)(0:08)
09.運命の赤い糸…? (EV14-1)(0:11)
10.Fleur De La Reine (EV14-2)(0:22)
11.ルカ登場 (EV14-3)(0:49)
12.アイズ・オブ・ザ・ワールド (EV14-4)(4:16)
13.小さな道案内人 (EV14-5)(0:47)
14.「時の記憶の力」 津波 (EV15)(0:26)
16.「時の記憶の力」 大聖堂 (EV16)(0:27)
17.時の記憶 B(2:44)
18.ロキとの会話 C (EV17)(1:41)
20.Glamor-In Charm And Allure(4:13)
21.落下するロキ (EV18)(0:22)
22.不穏な気配 (EV19)(0:29)
23.ノアトゥーン 宵闇の街 (ST05)(3:23)
24.邂逅 A (EV20-1)(0:32)
25.邂逅 B (EV20-2)(0:52)
27.仮面の賢者 (EV21)(1:37)
28.The Lumen Sage(3:39)
29.The Lumen Sage & Fortitudo(5:01)
30.The Lumen Sage & Temperantia(5:06)
32.The Lumen Sage-Climax(1:26)
33.ロキ、死す…? (EV22)(0:15)
36.水の大聖堂 (ST06)(1:59)
37.浮遊する球体 (EV23-1)(0:23)
38.背後の気配 (EV23-2)(0:24)
39.世界の始まり (EV24)(2:00)
40.ルカとの会話 (EV25)(0:42)
42.「時の記憶の力」 天空橋 (EV26)(0:22)