Monday, October 22, 2007

Caltoy SJ Kamonoha Plush - Preorder

The animals that Sega have inducted into the Caltoy plush parade has been diverse over the years. We're guessing they're looking to create enough plushes to fill a Noah's Ark of sorts eventually. The latest plush to join the Caltoy species rainbow is the "Kamonoha" which is known as a platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) in the American vernacular. Two color variants are on offer: a chocolate colored beastie and a flesh-colored version. Both types feature stubby appendages and a large duckbill. The plushes measure 60cm or 23.62" in length from bill to tail. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late February 2008 at US$49 each.

Dead or Alive X2 Venus on the Beach: Lei-Fang - Preorder

When Lei-Fang of Dead or Alive fame hits the beach, she wears a two-piece bikini and kicks it up on an inflated swim tube like a flailing seal trying to avoid the billowing surf. Or something like that.

Kotobukiya sculpts the attractive martial artist in a highly dynamic pose where Lei-Fang's seated but both legs are hiked upwards and parallel to the ground which leads to gratuitous views. The figure is set to 1/6 scale and measures 15cm or 5.90" tall from the bottom of the swim tube to the top of Lei-Fang's head. Two outfits are included - a rainbow colored number and a black 2-piece bikini. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late April 2008 at US$49 each.

Jan Code: 4934054778966 / UPC Code: 699788821961

Gotochi Heroes Collection: Chojin Neiger Figure - Preorder

Tokusatsu heroes such as Kikaider, Ultraman, and Kamen Rider have been a part of Japanese pop culture since the late 1950s. Maybe the attraction lies in the snazzy costumes or the otherworldly masks that hide the human hero behind them. Chojin Neiger defends Akita Prefecture in Japan with athletic moves, a sword, and fierce fighting skills. Japanese manufacturer West Kenji has started preorders for a 17cm tall PVC figure which may be posed in various action stances. Y'know, to scare the bad guys. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late January 2008 at US$39 per figure.

Pokemon Mini Kite & Candy Toy - Preorder

If you've ever had anyone mutter in your general direction the following words, "Go fly a kite," you now have a legitimate tool to follow those instructions to a tee. Unfurl the polyester Pokemon miniature kite from its plastic packaging and run like the dickens down the street to lift it into the heavens. The Pokemon Miniature Kite measures 35 x 30cm or 13.77 x 11.81" in area and features an image of Pokemon such as Pikachu or Dialga. Yellow streamers are another kite feature which will add to its visual impact as it flaps in the wind. Three varieties are on offer and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late November 2007 at US$10 each.

Rocket Girls: Morita Yukari - Preorder

High school student Yukari Morita only wanted to find her father who's hiding somewhere in the Solomon Islands. While searching for clues and cues, Yukari bumps into the director of the Solomon Space Agency who offers to help her find poppy. Nasuda's not doing it out of the goodness of his heart however - the string that's attached is Nasuda wants Yukari to pilot Japan's first rocket ship into space.

Happinet Robin has started preorders for a 1/8 scale Yukari Morita PVC figure under their Chrono Gate series. Yukari measures 17cm or 6.69" tall and is decked out in her revealing silvery space suit whilst a not-to-scale rocket blasts off behind her. Preorders will ship in mid-late March 2008 at JPY7000 or US$68 from NCS.

Sanrio Character Fuwamaru Mascot Keychain - Preorder

The amount of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio critter products that is released each year in Japan and Asia staggers the mind. NCS generally dodges much of the Kitty barrage but every once in a while, we're tempted to import a series or production. This one captured our attention for some reason.

Sanrio collects eight of their mascots and tethers a link to each one and calls them keychains. The characters in the set include Hello Kitty, Monkichi, Keroppi, and more. Too bad Badzt-Maru and Chococat didn't make the cut. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late February 2008. Pricing is set at US$28 for a complete set of 8 keychains as shown in the photo.

Shakugan no Shana 2: Shana Candy Bikini Ver. - Preorder

Shana hails from the Shakugan no Shana novellas and despite looking like a ginger, Shana is actually a force of nature known as a Flame Haze. Despite her innate nature as a mighty force, Shana also exhibits human feelings such as love and anger. Shana also wields a katana and swings it in a human way.

NCS' most recent Shakugan no Shana ware was a beach towel that we originally sold in August 2007 but Kotobukiya's upcoming Shana product is a 1/8 scale PVC figure which measures 12cm or 4.72" tall. Shana wears a pastel-blue two piece and kneels on a circular patch of sand. When on a beach, one tends to catch some rays but Shana's katana is included in the toy just in case some slashing needs to be done. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late February 2008 at JPY5000 or US$50 from NCS.

Togainu no Chi: Arubitoro Limited Edition Figure - Preorder

In the future dystopia known as Japan, convicts may escape from prison by performing well in a game of death known as Igura. The main character of Togainu no Chi is named Akira but this isn't about him. This is about the head of the drug cartel named Arubitoro (Arbitro) who's a blonde masked man in pink drapery and a natty white suit. Arubitoro oversees the Igura tournament and rules it with a iron kung-fu grip.

Since the Togainu no Chi game is being ported over to the Playstation 2 on November 29, Kotobukiya has announced an Arubitoro tie-in product which is limited to only 2500 units in Japan. The Arubitoro figure measures 13cm or 5.11" tall and is sculpted by Youpon. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late February 2008 at JPY3000 or US$20 from NCS.

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