Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shin Sangoku Musou DS: Fighter's Battle

The expansive battlefields and armies of Shin Sangoku Musou migrate from the Playstation 2 to the confined interiors of the Nintendo DS. SSM: Fighters features the same theme and spirit of the "bigger" Sangoku Musou games but the execution and experience is on a much smaller scale. Prior to the Nintendo DS, Koei's Sangoku Musou has gone portable before on the PSP which was a fairly faithful rendition of the PS2 original. The NDS version can't match the technical aspects of the PSP or PS2 games and sacrifices were made to scale the game downwards. For one, the action is throttled down into a very straightforward and rigid hack fest with the occasional special attack thrown in to mix up the action. Collecting coins from fallen enemy soldiers gives players the currency to ignite «more»

Gundam Seed: Rengou vs Z.A.F.T Portable

Gundam warriors throttle onto the battlefield once again with Striker / Wizard Packs in tow which enhance a suit of armor such as the Mobile Suit GAT-X105 Strike with additional weaponry and other offensive options such as increased mobility.

Gundam Seed: Rengou vs Z.A.F.T. was originally released in 2005 for the Japanese coin-op market and a PS2 conversion followed up in November of that same year. The PSP version of the game features new game modes and additional mechs such as the ZGMF-X565/Gamma Blast Impulse Gundam, MBF-02 Strike Rouge Gundam, GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam, and many others for a total of 50 mechs that are playable in the Arcade Mode. As in previous Gundam games, the action runs hot with Gundam mechs jump-jetting, slashing, and firing ordnance in fast-paced missions. When an enemy mech or a group of mechs ramble up close, expert handlers will be able to perform rapid slash clashes and run 'n gun attacks for exciting and occasionally frustrating battles.

New to the home versions of Rengou vs Z.A.F.T. is an enhanced dash move called a "Boost Dash" which eats up the Boost Gauge but is extremely useful for close range attacks and quick exits. Mechs can also jump-jet upwards and then continue thrusting the boosters for a short period of sustained flight. Battles take place on the ground, in the air, and in outer space for a variety of scenarios to tackle. The PSP version of the game also features a multiplayer Arcade Mode where up to four gamers may link up in the Cooperate Lobby for cooperative play. «more»

Juicy Honey Celebrities

The Juicy Honey card collection library expands with another set dubbed "Celebrities." The gals in the new card collection are well known adult models and film actresses in Japan - Emi Fukatsu, Fuka Sasaki, and Yuri Amami. A total of 72 regular cards are featured in the set along with special cards as follows:

Autograph Cards / Message Cards / Jersey Cards
Kiss Cards / Photo Cards / Autographed Photo Cards
Instant Photo Cards / Bra Hook Cards / Actress DNA Cards

NCS supplies the cards in complete boxes only which contain 12 packs inside. Each pack contains 7 cards that are randomly sorted which means each box includes a total of 84 cards. Re-confirmed preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome at US$55/box. Next up: Maria Ozawa.

Transformers MP-05 Megatron

The latest and possibly greatest Transformers Masterpiece toy features the imposing bulk of Megatron, leader of the Destrons (aka Decepticons). Ol' Mega ships in robot form inside the glossy packaging but he may transform into a Walther P38 in gun mode with a scope on top.

Upon opening up the package, Megatron lies upon a plastic tray with accessories arrayed around him as follows:

» Black scope that's nearly as tall as Megatron
» Miniature
Kremzeek figure in trademark hands-to-the-side pose
» Mini purple-colored PVC energy saber that's sort of transparent
» Mini purple-colored PVC mace with chain attached to a hand-grip
» Mini violet and silver-colored PVC handgun that's perfect for munchkins

All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome. Please note that the version that NCS is supplying is the unmodified version and all boxes are still sealed with the original factory tape.