Wednesday, August 11, 2021

TOYS Tokyo Revengers Ichibankuji Mascot Plush (Set of Six) Preorder $69.98/set

 Product Synopsis

   The cast of characters from Tokyo Revengers are sewn into a collection of six plush toys expected to ship as part of the Tokyo Revengers Ichibankuji prize collection being released in December 2021.

○ Prize A Takemichi Hanagaki Martial Arts Plush Toy
○ Prize B Manjiro Sano Plush Toy
○ Prize C Ryuguji Ken Plush Toy
○ Prize D Chifuyu Matsuno Plush Toy
○ Prize E Keisuke Baji Plush Toy
○ Prize F Takashi Mitsuya Plush Toy

   Preorders for the complete set of six Tokyo Revengers plush toys are welcome to ship in late December 2021.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Material: Polyester, Plush
Japan title: 東京卍リベンジ一番寺マスコットぬいぐるみ
Jan Code : 4573102622297
Territory/Language: Japan