Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts Vol. 3 - Import Preorder

The popular Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts series of toys reaches its third volume this summer with another colorful assemblage of characters as follows:

Minnie Mouse - Princess incarnation with Chip and Dale on both sides
Ursula - Wields a gold trident and is accompanied by Flotsam and Jetsam
Axel - Mounts a twisty building and appears ready to strike with chakram
Pete - Stands aloof in his blue outfit with an assortment of tools
Jack Sparrow - Lounges with a blue bottle and a cutlass
Sora - Self-satisfied hero holds the Keyblade above his head

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late August 2008 at $89.90 per box of 8 randomly packaged toys. «View larger photos»

Dragon Quest V Accessory - Import Preorder

Square's recent announcement of the NDS re-release of Dragon Quest V has prompted an action from Hori. The prolific accessory manufacturer has started preorders for a Dragon Quest V themed case for the NDS Lite which is transparent and fits like a glove.

When Hori ties an NDS accessory product to a game, they usually add a strap or a touchpen together with the case but this time around, they're only releasing a case by it's lonesome. It's unclear why they're changing product tactics but maybe they're trying to drive down the price of their accessories in a soft domestic market.

The DQ case is sold in a cardboard-backed blister pack and preorders are welcome to ship on July 17, 2008 at JPY1200 or US$13.90 from NCS.

Clamp in 3D Land Vol. 7 - Import Preorder

Munchkin versions of popular Clamp characters resume their march in the seventh Clamp in 3D Land which ships this summer. The five heroes and heroines in the new set are (from the upper left, clockwise):

» Kamui Shiro (translation: Power of God) from X
» Su from
Nokoru Imonoyama from CLAMP School Detectives
Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knight Rayearth
» Sakura (Princess of Clow Kingdom) from
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late July at US$55.90 per box of 10 randomly packaged toys (full set of five and duplicates).

General Updates

Day of Crisis - Postponed
The Japanese Wii game Disaster: Day of Crisis has been delayed from July 3, 2008 to just 2008 TBA. If the European release of the game stays on schedule, we should receive it on June 27 or sometime in the first week of July but we're fairly sure that it'll be delayed as well in the next few days. The USA release of the game is currently listed for January 2009.
White Gamecube Controller - Thursday
Another production of the white GC pad has been completed and we expect restock on Thursday of this week. All backorders will ship once the shipment arrives. New orders are welcome.
Toy Shipments
NCS has started shipping preorders for the Star Wars Kubrick Series 8 as of last Thursday and the remainder of our shipments should arrive this week. Preorders for the Revoltech Tengen No. 50: Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann will also ship this week.

Micro VS System - Donkey Kong Hockey - Clearance

Nintendo's Micro VS System line-up was released in Japan around the same time as the Game & Watch handhelds. In the case of today's Donkey Hong Hockey game, Nintendo shipped the product in November of 1984 or an impressive 24 years ago. Both Micro VS and Game & Watch form-factors featured simple LCD graphics, simple game play, and a simple design that's innocuous, understated, and rounded.

In Donkey Hong Hockey, players control Mario and attempt to score goals against Donkey Kong while the big ape attempts to score against Mario. Two players may also play the game against each other by selecting the Game B option. Whomever is the first to score 10 goals wins the match. In addition to the Hockey action, the Micro VS System also includes a clock function as well as an alarm function.

Sale Offering: NCS' remaining inventory of the Micro VS System is new, factory packaged, and in mint condition. The version that we have in stock was originally shipped to the Hong Kong market and the instruction manual is entirely in English. Pricing is set at US$55.90 per unit which includes free shipping by UPS Ground within the U.S. «More Details, Larger Photos»