Friday, January 04, 2008

Rune Factory 2 + Bonus Book/CD - New Import, In Stock

A new "Harvest" adventure awaits in the town of Alvana where a lad named Kairu walks in and is immediately given a farm, a watering can, and a garden hoe. Kairu's job is raising crops in addition to going on adventures of exploration and battle. Then there's the eventual marriage to the right gal to continue the lineage.

At the outset of the game, a large field to the right of Kairu's new homestead is cluttered with plants, acorns, tree stumps, and rocks. Clear away the objects, eat the plants, or store the useful items in two receptacles at home. The town of Alvana features a number of shops and a large cast of characters who provide advice as well as support to help Kairu on his way. «NCS Game Notes»