Monday, July 09, 2018

 TOYS Rurouni Kenshin Himura Kenshin 1/7 Scale Figure - Import Preorder US$149.90

Product Synopsis
   From "Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story" comes a 1/7 scale figure of the legendary swordsman Kenshin Himura, based on an original illustration by Nobuhiro Watsuki! Kenshin is posed with his left foot forward at the exact moment of him making use of the iconic Hiten Mitsurugi secret technique - "Dragon Flight of Heaven."

   The design of his traditional Japanese outfit has been captured in clear detail with an intricate sculpt and careful paintwork. The sculpt of his hair blowing about in the wind as well as the details of his sword held with the blade inward are also not to be missed. The figure also features a lacquer base with golden flower prints for an elegant, high-quality appearance that is sure to fit into any collection.

  Preorders are welcome to ship in late May 2019.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: MAX
Dimension: 20cm (7.87")
Material: PVC, ABS
Product SKU: 4545784042663
Japanese Title: 緋村剣心
Territory/Language: Japan