Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Import Schedule Updated

7/27 Meltyblood Act Cadenza Ver. B Type Moon

Meltyblood Act Cadenza Ver. B Limited Edition Type Moon
Nintendo DS
8/23 Ecoris Interchannel

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Square Enix

Gyakuten Saiban 3 - Best Capcom
8/30 One Piece Gear Spirits Bandai

Oni Zero Sengoku Ransei Hyakkaryouran Compile
9/06 Kidou Gekidan Haro Ichiza Gundam Mahjong Bandai
Playstation 2
7/26 Metal Gear 20th Anniversary MGS Collection Konami
8/02 J.League Winning Eleven 2007 Club Champion. Konami
8/09 Final Fantasy XII Int'l Zodiac Job System Square Enix

Hiiro no Kakera 2 Idea Factory

Hiiro no Kakera 2 Limited Edition Idea Factory

Simple 2000 Series 119 - The Survival Game 2 D3

Simple 2000 Series 120 The Saigo no Nippon D3
8/30 Beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD Konami

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Dream Hyper Battle Marvelous

Youki Hime Den Idea Factory

Youki Hime Den Limited Edition Idea Factory
Playstation 3
8/31 Blade Storm: the Hundred Years War Koei

Blade Storm: the Hundred Years War LE Koei
Playstation Portable
8/2 Goku Makai-Mura Kai Capcom
8/9 Minna no Map 2 Chiikiban - Central Japan Sony

Minna no Map 2 Chiikiban - Eastern Japan Sony

Minna no Map 2 Chiikiban - Western Japan Sony

Wild Arms Crossfire (+ Bonus chopsticks) Sony
8/23 Dragoneer's Aria (+ Bonus booklet) Nippon Ichi
9/13 Fate/Tiger Colosseum Capcom

Aa! Megami-sama! Beach Side Collection

When the goddesses of Aa! Megami-sama! are kicking it in the Caribbean, they don skimpy swimsuits and cavort in the sand. It's the law. From the upper left of the photo and rolling clockwise, the girls are:

» Belldandy in an aqua-blue bikini top and a sarong of sorts below
» Urd arches her back in a red two-piece while her hair flails
» Skuld shows her playful spirit in a light-blue one piece swimsuit
» Peorth's black bikini and ankle bracelet match her dark locks
» Lind dallies around in a pink bikini

The figures measure approximately 12 cm or 4.72" tall and two color variants are available for each figure. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late October 2007 at US$65 per box of 10 figures.

Chax GP Kaetekita Gurumi Hat

Hats have the unique ability to change the character of an individual once worn. Michael Jackson became a Smooth Criminal when he donned a white hat and he was suddenly Dangerous upon wearing a black hat. To change your own character, poke your melon-like head through the 38cm (14.96") Chax GP hat and become the object of ridicule and scorn in any metropolitan city in the world. If you decide to wear the Chax GP hat in the boondocks, you might be mistaken for a monster. Sort of like Bigfoot except with smaller feet and bigger eyes. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2007 at US$39 per hat.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Sofubi Figures

Banpresto spreads the Sofubi Figure love to the Pokemon series with a pair of soft vinyl figures based on Palkia and Dialga from Nintendo's most recent Pokemon video game release. Each figure measures 15cm or approximately 5.90" in height and roughly that much in length when measured from head to tail. The figures are sculpted beautifully and look rather impressive in Banpresto's product photos. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2007 at US$20 per figure.

Rumble Roses: Dixie Clements PVC Figure

The blue-eyed, flaxen-maned Dixie Clements finds herself nearly nude in Yamato's upcoming Rumble Roses PVC figure. Born into the family of a Texas rancher, Dixie is known to wear cow-print bikinis when wrestling in the ring as an homage to her roots. There's none of that here however. Dixie is dressed in a pitifully inadequate bikini that's strung together with faux pearls. Down below, good ole' Dixie wears more pearls in place of drawers. Pearls that leave little to the imagination.
Yamato's Dixie Clements figure is set at 1/8 scale and measures approximately 6" tall from bent knees to the top of her head. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late September 2007.

Super Mario DX Sofubi Figure 5

Banpresto has started preorders for the fifth Super Mario DX Sofubi 21cm figures which feature two variants of the famous plumber.

Variant A: Standard Mario with red hat, red shirt, and blue overalls
Variant B: Fire Mario with white hat, white shirt, and red overalls

Both variants lean slightly to the left and adopt a cross-armed stance. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late November 2007 at US$20 each.

Super Mario Bros Sound Nuigurumi Series 3

Three more Sound Nuigurumi plushes are on the way from Banpresto but one of them - Goomba is a rerun from the first series that shipped earlier this year. Three plushes are on preorder as follows:

» (A) Star plush that's colored a banana yellow patina
» (B) Dark brown Goomba that stares at the world with bared fangs
» (C) Golden Question-Block plush that's identical to the one in Series 2

Each plush is fitted with a removable sound module which is inserted inside a flap on the plush. Smack the plush and a jingling sound fills the room. Preorders are welcome today to ship in mid-late October at the price of US$25 each + shipping.

Star Wars R2-D2 Night Projector

In the Return of the Jedi movie, C-3PO and R2-D2 gain entrance into Jabba's lair and are given an audience with the massive gangster. During their meeting, R2-D2 beams a message from Luke Skywalker where the fledgling Jedi requests a sit-down to bargain for Han Solo's hide. Banpresto's R2-D2 Night Projector is sort of light that. Instead of projecting a 3D holographic movie however, the projector lights up the room with images of a partially completed Death Star, an X-Wing Fighter, and the Millennium Falcon against a backdrop of stars. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late October 2007 at US$20 each.

Star Wars R2-D2 Speakers

Taito shapes audio speakers into the likeness of R2-D2 and adds another "must have" product for the über fan who has everything remotely related to the Star Wars franchise. The R2-D2 speaker measures 12cm or 4.72" tall and connects to a laptop computer or MP3 player by way of standard 3.5 mm stereo plug. The preorder solicitation doesn't mention if a USB cable can be used to draw power from a laptop but we'll update this information once we receive the speakers and test them. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2007 at US$20 per speaker. Please purchase "2" if you want a matching pair.

Star Wars Light Saber Room Light

If you should ever hold a Star Wars movie marathon in your living room, you might impress your guests with a snazzy Light Saber light that measures 40cm or 15.74" tall. Available in either red or green luminescence, the Light Saber light could serve as a marker in your home movie theater to designate the seating area from the snack area. If you're into séances, the hazy glow of the saber should provide a spooky kind of illumination to add to the atmosphere. Please note that some assembly is required because the light element and the saber receptacle are shipped separately. A display stand is also included for mounting the light. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late December 2007 at US$23 each.