Tuesday, January 29, 2019

 TOYS The Stained Glass 4 - Preorder US$23.90

Product Synopsis
   A new medley of stained glass lamps are presented in the fourth edition of "The Stained Glass" capsule toys which feature miniature lamps mounted on mounting vines. The five styles in the new collection are:

» Montmine
» Ensemble
» Astrologue
» Memoir Papillon 
» Marine Rendezvous

   The lamps measure 8cm or 3.14" tall and are made of PVC with LED lights inside each lampshade. Preorders for the complete set of 5 lamps are welcome to ship in late May 2019.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: J.Dream
Dimension: H8cm (3.14")
Material: PVC, ABS
Product SKU: 4589984854398
Japanese Title: カプセル 光る!ザ・ステンドグラス 4
Territory/Language: Japan