Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Official Nintendo Cassette Cases

New official Nintendo replacement cassette cases for storing Famicom cartridges. Each case includes a label strip which may be written on and then affixed to the side. These are about 20 years old but they're in perfect condition although we did find one case which had a little desiccated mealworm in it. We were going to take close-up photos of the worm but someone with a smidgeon of common sense suggested that it might traumatize our visitors and potentially affect our efforts to actually sell this stuff. We have a large quantity of these in our inventory and we're bundling them in sets of three (pink, blue, and yellow) for US$6. We will automatically ship this item with USPS Media Mail at a flat rate of $2.60.

Hori Twin Adapter

The original Famicom's boxy controllers were hard-wired to the console which made using joysticks impossible. Unless you had one of Hori's Twin Adapters which plugged into the expansion port in the front of the console. Once inserted, two controller slots became available for use with ASCII joysticks, third party joypads, and other controllers.

The inventory is new but the packaging is a little weathered. The Twin Adapters may also be dusty - at least the one we took photographs of had specks of dust on it. A few cases of this item are available and pricing is set at US$45. We will automatically ship this item with Priority Mail for US$5.

Hori Wire Reel

Hori's been around for a long time, creating all sorts accessories for the gaming consoles of the day. Back in the heyday of the original 8-bit Famicom, Hori created something called the "Famicom Wire Reel" which was basically an extender for the Famicom AC plug and the A/V cable.

Pull out the two 3' cables from the UFO-shaped housing and plug them into the back of the Famicom. Next, plug an AV cable from the television to the corresponding port on the top of the Wire Reel followed by the AC adapter cord. Done. Multiple units of this item are available and pricing is set at US$19. We'll automatically ship this item with Priority Mail for US$5.

Composite A/V Cable for PC-Engine

The PC-Engine was released in a time when video standards were less stringent than they are today. It was a time way before the arrival of gold-plated Monster Cables and the choice of video connections were as follows: RF-Adapter or Composite AV. Take it or leave it. NCS digs deep into the late 80s portion of our warehouse and unearths a couple of boxes of official NEC composite AV cables for the PC-Engine. The stock is new but the boxes may be slightly weathered after two decades in storage. Pricing is set at US$25 each and we'll ship via Priority Mail for US$5.

PC-Engine Dragon Spirit Hu-Card

When a mighty demon known as Zawell escapes its bindings and kidnaps Princess Alicia, it's up to a warrior named Amul to rescue her. A mere mortal can't compete against a demon so he requests assistance from the gods. Raising his sword to the heavens, Amul is transformed into a dragon and wings his way to meet Zawell. Along the way, Amul must defeat nine creatures before the big confrontation.
The PC-Engine port of the Dragon Spirit arcade game is a faithful conversion and the entire game fits onto a 2-Megabit Hu-card. The stock in our inventory is new and in mint condition. Pricing is set at US$16 and we'll ship this item with USPS Priority Mail for US$5.

PC-Engine Joy Tap 3

The PC-Engine console featured one controller port. That's it. Gamers were relegated to playing by their lonesome unless a multi-tap was used. NEC supplied an official multi-tap back in the day which allowed the use of five controllers on the PC-E. Hudson also released an official multi-tap which featured three ports for those gamers who didn't need to plug in 5 controllers at once.
NCS offers new and boxed Hudson Joy Tap 3 units from our inventory. Some of the boxes may have slight imperfections from decades of storage but are in excellent condition. Pricing is set at US$16 + $5 Priority shipping.

PC-Engine Shuttle Backup Unit

When the PC-Engine first debuted in Japan on October 30, 1987, it was priced at a lofty JPY24,800 or US$209.10 as of this morning's exchange rate. Adjusted for inflation, that's US$384.65 in 2007 dollars. To target a less affluent customer base, NEC and Hudson released the PC-Engine Shuttle in 1989 at JPY18,800 which shipped with a modified expansion port and wasn't compatible with the CD-Rom or Super CD-Rom. The Shuttle also didn't have any way of storing save-game data... until NEC released the Shuttle Backup Unit. Stock is new but note that the boxes have weathering from warehouse storage. Price $35 + $5 shipping.

Virtual Boy Eye Shade

Has your Virtual Boy Eye Shade gotten greasy, grimy, and generally gross with the rivulets of sweat and oil from your unibrow and sloping forehead? Never fear because NCS has located a few boxes of replacement Virtual Boy Eye Shades which are new, fresh, and safely retrieved from the depths of NCS warehousing. The condition of the boxes are excellent overall but there might be small dents or slight abrasions on the cardboard from years of storage. Pricing per Vboy Eye Shade is set at US$16 and we'll ship this item with USPS Priority Mail for US$5.

Virtual Boy Headphones

Scenario: Your significant other is sleeping like a log in your one room hovel but the Sandman isn't bestowing his nightly gift upon your troubled brow. To pass the time, you just have to enjoy another game of Galactic Pinball and listen to its sweet surround-sound-like audio. However, if the S.O. hears a peep out of you, there'll be hell to pay. Hell. To. Pay.
Solution: A pair of Virtual Boy headphones. Plug them into the Virtual Boy control unit and you'll be able to play Galactic Pinball and listen to its BGM without disturbing the sleeping log. Stock is new and pricing is set at US$10 + Media Mail shipping at US$2.60

VBOY TeleroBoxer

The 22nd century is similar to the current one in that boxing is still enjoyed by the masses. Instead of muscle-bound pugilists doing all of the grunt work however, the fighting is now performed by robotic boxers controlled by humans. Take command of one such boxer named Harry who knocks opponents out like the best of them.
TeleroBoxer is played like Nintendo's Punch-Out game where nine mechanical boxers are attacked and their counterattacks blocked. By using a combination of offensive and defensive maneuvers, players guide Harry to the top of the boxing ranks. Stock is new and the packaging is in mint condition. Price: US$16 + $5 for USPS Priority Mail shipping.