Tuesday, April 03, 2018

 NSW God Wars: Nihon Shinwa Taisen (Complete Legend) - Import Preorder US$58.90/each

Product Synopsis  
   The Switch version contains over 100 hours of new content in the Legend of Yomi, as well as the complete story from GOD WARS Future Past, including all of its DLC, and updates to the game's mechanics to perfect your strategy! GOD WARS The Complete Legend expands upon last year's PS4 and Vita releases with a plethora of new features. Experience the traditional stories of Japan's origin from the points of view of three warring nations through gameplay and beautiful anime cinematics. Engage in deep tactical combat with a myriad of character classes. Explore the lives of heroes who made their mark by fighting against the fate set out before them.
  • Step into Japan as your ancestors imagined it, and discover the wonder that captivated orators, storytellers, and generations of the world's most enigmatic people.
  • Customize 14 playable characters from more than 30 classes while developing a party to Fit a play style.
  • Inspired by traditional Japanese watercolor and wood carving art, the artwork will transport players to an age filled with mythology and wonder.
  • 100+ hours of new content, new mechanics and all DLC from God Wars future past.
Order Details
  Preorders are welcome to ship on June 14-15, 2018.
  The first printing of the game will include a bonus Orihime strap.

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 Product Specs

Kadokawa Games
 Compatibility: Nintendo Switch (Region-Free)
Product SKU:
4582350660395 / HAC-P-ANUN
 Japanese Title: GOD WARS 日本神話大戦 通常版
Territory/Language: Japan