Tuesday, June 06, 2017

 TOYS Marvel Universe Variant Play Arts -Kai- Deadpool (X-Force Ver.) - Import Preorder US$139

Product Synopsis    

   With great power comes great irresponsibility. Even within the Marvel Universe, Deadpool stands out! Comical and expressive, and now appearing as a VARIANT PLAY ARTS KAI action figure in this new limited color scheme inspired by his X-Force Costume.

   This Deadpool is all about white! A light inner gray layer has been implemented to create a vivid contrast and ensure that the top white coat stands out. The color design of this figure glistens in white all around. 

   Wear and tear from high intensity battles has been expressed through weathering effects and the use of dry brushes to emanate Deadpool’s kinetic energy.

   With a wide range of motion, plus interchangeable facial and hand accessory parts that enable a variety of expressions, this figure’s possible poses range from his mischievous gestures to his powerful action stances!

Figure includes display stand
Figure Size: Approx. W5" x D2.6" x H10.43"

Preorder Details
   Preorders are welcome to ship
in late November 2017.

Product Specs
: Square Enix
Approx. W5" x D2.6" x H10
Material: PVC, ABS finished toy
Product SKU: 4988601330138
Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Shooting Game Historica 3 SP - Import Sale US$108.90

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: August 3, 2009
«©NCSX» The third series of Shooting Game Historica gashapon toys celebrate a jetfighter, a tank, a submarine, and even a robot which can rest on 2 or 4 legs. The default ships featured in the new set are as follows:

 » Wolf Fang - Blue armored mech which carries a blaster rifle
 » Raiden - Sleek Raiden mk-II (Red) with movable boosters
 » Soukyugurentai - S.O.Q-004 Toryu with multiple movable parts
 » Kaitei Daisensou: In the Hunt - Squat submarine designed by Irem
 » Maneuver Cepter Granada - A blue tank with moxie and a gun turret
 » Star Soldier - The Ceaser which features a transformable cockpit

    Each of the six aforementioned ships is also accompanied by a color or style variant in each box of 12 toys as follows below:

 » Wolf Fang - Model variant with shoulder cannon and no shoulder struts
 » Raiden mk-IIb (Blue color variant)
 » Soukyugurentai - S.O.Q-004 (Blue color variant)
 » Kaitei Daisensou: In the Hunt (Blue color variant)
 » Maneuver Cepter Granada - Model variant with two additional parts
 » Star Soldier - Red trim color variant; the cockpit hatch is colored blue

    Every factory sealed box of Shooting Game Historica 3 SP toys contains all 12 ships listed above. Both versions of the Wolf Fang toy also include an additional pair of legs and a platform-pelvis to attach the legs to. The Wolf Fang figure may be detached at the torso area from his normal legs and then plugged into the platform-pelvis to create a spidery version of Wolf Fang that may be wheeled along like a little race car.

    Although the quality of the ships in SGH3 is good, NCS advises taking some precautions when fiddling around with the Soukyugurentai ships since the wing hatches are delicate. They also open only one way so take care to inspect our photos to see how the hatches should be oriented and opened. The other ships are pretty sturdy and unlikely to snap or crack under the weight of your fingers. 

Orders ship same-day (M-F) if ordered before 4PM EDT

 Product Specs
Manufacturer: Yujin
Japanese Title: TFC シューティングゲームヒストリカ3 SP
 JAN Code: 4904790981715