Wednesday, July 20, 2011

 NEWS General Updates

«©NCSX» Due to the effects of an expansive and slow-moving typhoon mongering off the Pacific coast of Japan yesterday, our suppliers were unable to dispatch any shipments last night. As such, all of this week's new import releases and restock are scheduled to arrive on Friday. All preorders for games such as PS3 No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition and 3DS Ushimitsu Monstruo Linse to Mahou Rhythm will be shipping on Friday.
Cost of the Great East Japan Earthquake: US$210 Billion
«©NCSX»   The earthquake and consequent economic damage caused by the massive temblor off the coast of Japan in March 2011 has been estimated to cost $210 billion dollars by Munich Re. The damage is the costliest on the company's records since the German reinsurance company started keeping records of natural disasters since 1979. For a comparison, Munich Re estimates that Hurricane Katrina from 2005 caused US$125 billion in economic damage.   
Nespresso Coffee Capsules Recycled Into Insects
«©NCSX» The Nespresso is an aluminum capsule which has been hermetically sealed to preserve the rich aromas and flavors of freshly ground coffee from the effects of light, humidity, and air.

   The Nespresso aluminum capsules can be recycled into boring sheets of aluminum foil or more Nespresso capsules but Switzerland-based artist Alex Aebi upcycles them into the dainty form of insects. By cutting the capsules and shaping them into wings, antennae, thoraxes, and legs, Alex creates insects that look like they should be crawling, fluttering, or chirping in their natural habitats.