Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sharuui * Takoron

From the Publisher
Sharuui * Takoron is an all-new puzzle game from the makers of Puyo Puyo. Lightning reflexes and quick thinking will net the player a win as they race to clear their screen of Octopi before their opponent. Match the colored Octopi in the correct quantities under the numbered sea nets in order to clear them from the playing field and fill your opponent’s screen with annoying sea urchins. Don't let your screen stay full for too long. Sharuui * Takoron features a single-player story mode, four-player multiplayer as well as Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection online play.

Game Features
Colorful, addictive gameplay – clear the screen of Octopi before your opponent does!
» Move quick to create huge combos as you fill your opponent’s screen with annoying Urchins!
» Single-player Story mode
» Multi-player mode for up to four players
» Online play using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Halloween Headgear Accessor

Become the center of attention at the office Halloween party by wearing mischievous pumpkins in your hair. If vegetation doesn't mesh with your sense of style, try the shiny black and orange witch's hat which is fitted with an orange band. The material used in both products is listed as polyester and polyvinyl chloride which probably means they shouldn't be washed. The size is adjustable and will fit most heads.
Preorders for either Halloween headgear accessory are welcome to ship in mid-late September 2007... well before the festivities ensue. Pricing is set at US$12.50 each.

Santa Suit [Polyester]

The population in the land of the rising sun is primarily Shintoist and Buddhist. Christianity isn't prevalent at all but the representatives and symbols of Christmas are fairly visible when December rolls around. The onset of winter generally heralds a merchandising wave similar to the frenzy that takes place stateside during the Holidays.

A number of Christmas toys, candy, and decorations have begun appearing in our product preorder schedules. We're skipping 99.9% of what's being offered but we thought these two might attract bids. On the left, a medium-size Santa suit which includes cap, coat, and pants. You'll have to supply the sack. On the right, a medium-size lady Santa suit which includes everything seen in the photo minus the blonde Japanese girl. Preorders are welcome to ship in October 2007.

General Updates

PSN Tickets JPY3000 Tomorrow
All backorders for the Playstation Network Tickets will be filled tomorrow. New orders are welcome.
Remainder of New Imports Tomorrow
NDS Gyakuten Saiban 3 and the rest of this week's new releases are scheduled to arrive on Thursday. We are accepting preorders for the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Gemini Bundle at US$279 which includes a special limited edition NDS Lite and a copy of the Ring of Fates game.