Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last Hope - New Import, In Stock

NCS sells about eight (count 'em) Neo-CD games per annum from our standing inventory. To say demand isn't what it used to be is putting it kindly. However, the developers of Last Hope believe in the viability of the Neo-CD and the game is in stock today. The packaging includes a Tactical SuperPlay DVD which shows a master raging through the game like a Master of the Universe. Or something like that.
Each game will be serially numbered with a print run of 500 copies. Even though that may seem like a small number, it might be 400 more than today's market can support. In any case, preorders are welcome at 50 Euros per copy or US$79 from NCS. Preorders and new orders ship today.

The Misshitsukara no Dasshutsu - New Import, In Stock

Play the part of a "detective" who tackles eight escape scenarios which require sleuthing skills and touch screen tapping. The hero dresses like a salaryman and smokes cigarettes while doing his thing. Movement is handled by tapping on arrows that appear on the touch screen in order to to pan around and inspect areas and objects of interest. For example, if you spy a desk, tap on it to move closer and then tap the drawer below the desk to open it up and view the contents. Anything that you find inside may be picked up and inspected to search for clues and useful information that'll help you escape. The animation of the game moves fluidly and the sound effects are faithful renditions of real life rustles, bumps, and thumps.

TFC Shooting Game Historika SP - Preorder

NCS started preorders for Yujin's SR Shooting Game History gashapon on August 6, 2007 but another offer for the same exact toys has popped up on distributor's release schedules. The toys from the original gashapon offer are still scheduled to ship next month but the new TFC Shooting Game Historika SP collection is expected to ship in February 2008 at a price of JPY3996 per factory box of 12 randomly packaged toys.

Looking over the names of the ships and the toy designs from the new collection, there's no difference from the original gashapon ships. However, the new set is packaged in blind cardboard boxes and a total of 9 ships and color variants are included. The source games and ships are:

R-Type featuring R-9A Arrow-Head (original and color variant)
» Image Fight featuring 0F-1 Daedalus (original and color variant)
» Gradius featuring Vic Viper T301 (only original color)
» Gradius 2 featuring Metarion (original and color variant)
» Darius Gaiden featuring Silver Hawk (original and color variant)

Pricing for the TFC Shooting Game Historika SP collection is set at JPY3996 or US$45 per factory sealed box of 12 from NCS. A factory case should include all nine ships + color variants and three duplicates. Preorders will ship in late Feb 2008.

Star Wars Kubrick Series 8 - Preorder

The Star Wars Kubrick series outsells pretty much every other Kubrick toy we've stocked thanks to a rabid devoted fan base. When Spring 2008 rolls around, the eighth Star Wars Kubrick release looks to thrill fans once again with fresh faces from the Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace movie. The six standard character featured in the set are as follows (From the upper left corner of either photo and rolling clockwise):

» Trade Federation Battle Droid with Blaster
» Darth Maul with Double-Bladed Lightsaber
» Anakin Skywalker in Pod Racer Outfit with Tools
» C-3PO Prototype Production Version
» Qui-Gon Jinn with Lightsaber
» Queen Amidala in Red Senator Gown

In addition to the standard figures listed above, rare Chase figures are randomly packaged in the factory cases but some Chase figures only appear once in ever 4 factory cases. Good luck in finding them. NCS supplies the Kubrick figures in complete factory cases of 12 toys only and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late April, 2008 at US$89 per factory box of 12 random figures.

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Juicy Honey Rio (Tina Yuzuki) - Preorder

Mint has started preorders for a Juicy Honey DVD which features Tina Yuzuki aka Rio cavorting in swimsuits, her birthday suit, and assorted flimsy lingerie. The DVD captures the antics that took place when Tina posed for the upcoming Juicy Honey Premium Edition trading cards which are scheduled to ship next month. For voyeurs who enjoy a little idol interaction, a 10-question quiz game is playable. It's unclear if separate DVDs featuring the other girls (Kotono Higashi and Maria Ozawa) from the Premium Edition cards will be released but we'll update accordingly if they are announced. In addition to the DVD, each copy includes a bonus promotional trading card which is packaged inside the retail case.

Product Specs
Region-2 NTSC DVD
60 minutes in length
4:3 Standard Aspect Ratio
MPEG-2 Stereo
Shipping to preorders on or around December 28, 2007.

Jan Code: 4582154107577

Nendroid/Character Vocal Series Miku Hatsune - Preorder

Miku Hatsune, the star of the PC Vocaloid 2 software finds herself sculpted into Nendroid form next year. For the uninitiated, Vocaloid (Vocal + Android) is a Japanese song simulator from Yamaha and Crypton Future Media where users type in lyrics and the software engine sings out the words in rapid fire staccato. Voice actress Fujita Saki provides the voice for Miku Hatsune in the software and she sounds like a mix between a munchkin and a generalized cartoon character. Vocaloid 2 has enjoyed strong sales since its release earlier this summer and it's only fitting that the heroine of the software get in on some merchandising deals. The Nendroid version of Miku measures 10cm or 3.93" in height and three variant faces and arms are included for posing purposes. Preorders are welcome to ship on or around March 25, 2008.
Jan Code: 4582191963372

Super Mario Galaxy Original Sound Track - Preorder

Last week, NCS opened and subsequently closed preorders for the Club Nintendo exclusive version of the Super Mario Galaxy OST Platinum version which spanned across two CDs. We sort of knew preorders would be strong but we didn't expect them to be that strong.

Today, we start preorders for the regular version of the SMG OST which features a gold cover and fills up only a single CD. Preorders are welcome to ship on or around February 23, 2007. Maybe buyers of the Platinum Edition can pick up this version as well to complete their personal Super Mario Galaxy shrines. The one in the basement. Near the laundry room.

Dragon Quest IV - New Import, Restock Wednesday

When monsters kidnap children in the land of Batlando, the king summons soldiers to the castle and charges them with the rescue of the hapless tykes. In the first chapter, players take control of a soldier named Ryan, a princess known as Otenba Oujo (Tomboy Princess) in the second chapter, and three more heroes in the next couple of chapters. The final chapter features the entire team working together towards a common goal of defeating an evil king who's about to be resurrected.

The NDS remake of Dragon Quest IV updates the 8-bit Famicom original with Dragon Quest VII elements such as a polygonal world map, a 360° capable camera, animated monsters, a Monster Notebook, the Party Talk system, and improved visuals. «NCS Game Notes»

Kodai Ouja: Kyouryuu King 7-tsu no Kakera - In Stock

Sega's popular Mushi King game turned beetles into warriors and their new play-alike titled Kyouryuu King does the same for dinosaurs. Originally released in arcades and made into a television series, Dinosaur King uses the same rock-scissors-paper card-based battle system from Mushi King and features cheery characters with ebullient attitudes and the indomitable spirit of youth.
The storyline centers around two lads named Ryuuta and Rex who stumble upon a plot by Alpha Gang who plan on going back into time to hunt dinosaurs and use them to take over the world. Ryuuta and Rex befriend two mighty dinosaurs and use them to counter Alpha Gang and throw a monkey wrench onto their aspirations of domination. «G-Notes»

Nazotte Oboeru Otona no Kanji Rensyu Kanzanban - New

Scholars and normal citizens alike can take a lifetime to learn Kanji and still require regular practice to keep their character recognition skills in fighting shape. To help practitioners maintain their grasp on the language, a number of NDS Kanji training software titles have reached market in recent years. NowPro's latest edition of Nazotte Oboeru Otona no Kanji features a new collection of reading and writing problems which focus on repetition so that character strokes become familiar and possibly ingrained. Users are encouraged to practice on a daily basis and one's performance data is stored for tracking purposes. Drill exercises, mini-games, and assorted trivia round out the practice sessions. «G-Notes»

Ryuusei no RockMan 2 Berserk x Dinosaur - New, In Stock

Taking place a couple of months after the events of the original Ryuusei no Rockman, TK City serves as the backdrop for the sequel where Subaru Hoshikawa and War-Rock reprise their roles. The game features online battles, the Star Carrier (updated Transer/wave scanner), and an updated battle system. Three Transformations are featured: Fire Dinosaur, Green Shinobi, and Thunder Berserk. Ooparts (Out of Place Artifacts) are used in conjunction with Transformations to create Double Tribe combinations such as Berserk Dinosaur, Berserk Shinobi, Dinosaur Berserk, Dinosaur Shinobi, Shinobi Berserk, and Shinobi Dinosaur. A seventh transformation known as Tribe King is also available. «G-Notes»

Ryuusei no RockMan 2 Berserk x Shinobi - New, In Stock

Taking place a couple of months after the events of the original Ryuusei no Rockman, TK City serves as the backdrop for the sequel where Subaru Hoshikawa and War-Rock reprise their roles. The game features online battles, the Star Carrier (updated Transer/wave scanner), and an updated battle system. Three Transformations are featured: Fire Dinosaur, Green Shinobi, and Thunder Berserk. Ooparts (Out of Place Artifacts) are used in conjunction with Transformations to create Double Tribe combinations such as Berserk Dinosaur, Berserk Shinobi, Dinosaur Berserk, Dinosaur Shinobi, Shinobi Berserk, and Shinobi Dinosaur. A seventh transformation known as Tribe King is also available. «G-Notes»

Dokapon Kingdom - New Import, In Stock

The fusion of the board game and the traditional RPG is complete with Sting's new Dokapon Kingdom which features elements from both genres. Players flick a spinner to determine movement range and then trudge the corresponding number of spaces on an expansive play board where a castle serves as centerpiece. Each space contains a treasure chest, an item icon, a monster encounter, or another event that is triggered upon landing on it. Treasure chests invariably contain varying amounts of gold pieces while Item spaces unveil crystals, weapons, spell books, or other objects which are useful to the enterprising adventurer. Enemy encounters are simple affairs where two combatants stand facing each other and dole out attacks or magic with single button presses.

Since RPGs commonly use the mechanic of leveling up and character attributes to determine the abilities of a hero, Dokapon Kingdom stays true to convention and utilizes experience points to serve as the basis for a character's level and capabilities. In addition to contending against the monsters on the board, the other players in the game also serve as opposition by casting deleterious spells against each other. «G-Notes»

Final Fantasy XI: Altana no Kamihei - New Import

From the Publisher
Experience the next chapter in the immersive and ever expanding world of Vana'diel in FINAL FANTASY XI: WINGS OF THE GODDESS, a content-rich expansion pack that brings exciting new features to the world of FINAL FANTASY XI. Delve into new quests, meet new players, view new sights and experience the fourth chapter in the award-winning MMORPG that has a community of more than 500,000 active subscribers and more than 1.7 million characters from around the world.

Game Features
» Unravel the secrets of this exciting new chapter and discover its ties to the exciting world of Vana'diel
» Engage in combat with powerful new monsters and foes – witness the spoils and rewards that come from defeating these ferocious enemies
» Travel back in time to protect Vana'diel's past—and future.
» Team up with friends from around the world and across the PlayStation 2, Windows and Xbox 360 to experience the world's only triple cross-platform, triple-region MMORPG
» Join a community of more than 500,000 active subscribers and 1.7 million player characters from around the world and on several platforms

Winning Eleven 2008 - New Import, In Stock

From the Publisher
The key to Winning Eleven 2008 is a proprietary adaptive AI system entitled Teamvision. Unique to the Konami game, Teamvision is a sophisticated AI programming that learns and adapts according to an individual's style of play. As such, it will learn new ways to build attacks and to counter specific movements and previous attacking or defensive errors, ensuring games are more in line with the tactical but flowing nature of the real thing.

With the Winning Eleven series renowned for its fluid, realistic gameplay, the new game builds on the implementation of Teamvision with additional key advances. As with previous releases since its inception in 1996, the ball is again treated as a separate entity, with the timing of shots entirely down to the player, while the new AI ensures that defenders work to close down space and block efforts on goal. Close control has also been enhanced with more control when dribbling the ball, and a number of subtle moves added to bypass defenders and move the ball into space.

Air - New Import, In Stock

Ever since you were a child, your mother regaled you with tales of a girl on the other side of the sky... an angel of sorts who was meant for you. Since you're a momma's boy, you believe it hook, line, sinker like a rube and set out in search of this angel. Step into the shoes of protagonist Kunisaki Yukito who works as an unsuccessful street performer who's partner is a little doll that he can move without physical contact. While on his travels, he meets three girls - one of whom may be the very angel he's been looking for his entire life. Interact, romance and do your thing with the three lovelies and win a happy ending with "the one."

Toned down from the "adult" PC version of the game, the Playstation Portable version of Air mimics the "all age" PC release and removes nudity and other sexually charged scenes unsuitable for children. As a street magician in search of a winged angel, the protagonist seeks out anime maidens who sprout hair colors as vibrant and varied as the rainbow.

Akin to real world objectifications of beauty, the girls also possess unique personalities and quirks which are fleshed out as you delve into their lives. Two of the girls work at a medical office which supplies medicine to the town while another girl appears to be an alcoholic of sorts. A mild mannered but beautiful archetype and the sporty tomboy round out the cast. The PSP conversion features memory stick data caching to reduce UMD disc loading, full voice acting for the protagonist, and the ability to take snapshots of game screens and store them to memory stick.

Homestar Portable - New Import, In Stock

Put a planetarium in your pocket with Sega's Homestar Portable software for the PSP. Imagine wandering down a country path with your boy scout troupe under a starry sky. When the scoutmaster asks, "Where exactly is Orion?" you can flick out of the PSP, power-up, and stare at the flickering screen. After hunting and pecking for a few seconds, answer (with steely-eyed authority), "The Hunter is over there..." while pointing skyward like Babe Ruth at the batting cage.

Homestar Portable includes a database which maps 5,000,000 stars in the heavens and their respective constellations. The program is based on the Megastar-II Cosmos planetarium projector developed by Takayuki Ohira who oversaw the PSP Homestar project and provided his expertise. Homestar Portable features over 300 celestial bodies and formations that may be viewed including constellations, comets, eclipses, nebulae, planets, and aurora. For eager learners, a series of 20 sky tours in the Fantasy Theater goes through star systems and showcases events in the skies.

When used in conjunction with the GPS Receiver, a Homestar Portable user will be able to lock his position in the software and view the night sky on the PSP as it currently appears above him. Since the Earth moves across the solar system and the orientation of the stars change, the program keeps track of your location on Earth and maps the skies according to the time, date, and geographic location. A game sharing feature allows users to beam their current star maps to other users.

PSP Protection Filter Portable - New Import, In Stock

The Slim PSP (aka PSP-2000) is subject to smudges and scratches during the normal course of use. To prevent scratches and the build-up of grime, grease, and other detritus on the PSP screen, Hori ships a thin and flexible silicone film which is applied directly over the face of the PSP in three segments. In addition to its protective capabilities, the Protection Filter Portable also reduces glare and improves visibility when the PSP is in use underneath a light source. A dust cloth is included in the Hori filter package to wipe the surface and screen of the PSP screen to rid it of any dust, chocolate nougat, and/or oily fingerprints.

Gegege no Kitarou Youkai Daiundoukai - New, In Stock

Way back towards the middle of the last century, Shigeru Mizuki created a world filled with monsters known as yokai who looked like relatively normal humans but weren't. The hero of the serial was a one-eyed boy named Kitaro who protected humanity from the general population of yokai who weren't as kindly as he was. For Bandai's latest Wii game, the spirit beings of GeGeGe no Kitaro flock together and engage each other in seven primary sports-themed mini-games and a total of 31 variants of those games. The controls are relatively simple and use both the Wiimote and the Nunchuk for mobility and directional motion.

The seven games are selectable from a menu and the first one is a raucous race where four yokai ramble across a dirt track filled with serpentine obstacles. Continue onwards and the quartet will reach the back of a massive millipede while winds buffet the troupe from the left and right. The "A" button on the Wiimote is used to jump over obstacles while the "B" button makes your yokai of choice scoot forward like a jack rabbit. There's a second racing game where four yokai dash like madmen across a short expanse. The controls for this particular race is solely Wii wagging - just shake it left and right to race like the wind. «NCS Game Notes»