Friday, August 01, 2008

GA-KO Alarm Clock - New Import, Restock Soon

All preorders for the limited edition GA-KO Alarm Clock have shipped as of yesterday afternoon. We try to avoid posting up lengthy daily updates which is why we're posting the GA-KO photo gallery today. The "duck clock" runs on three AA batteries and the alarm function is somewhat trippy. Ducky's head swivels from side to side for an interesting visual when the alarm sounds off.

Please note that we're sold out of the GA-KO Alarm Clock but we're expecting a second batch by next Wednesday or Thursday of next week to fill new orders that have been submitted in the past couple of days. Pricing remains at US$36.50.
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Remyuoru no Renkin Jyutsushi - New Import, In Stock

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking in Mainichi's Remyuoru no Renkin Jyutsushi where the protagonist is a young alchemist named Tiko with a yen for the retail trade. After successfully borrowing money from a bank, Tiko sets herself up with a retail establishment which sells all sorts of wares. Foodstuffs may be placed alongside weapons to draw a diverse consumer group into the shop.

Selling is the name of the game but Tiko also has to contend with the competition, product development, and compete in various contests to show her retail management mettle. There's even the occasional mishap to test Tiko's resolve in staying the course. Once the shop is profitable, expansion plans may be drawn up to expand shelf space and stock ever more exotic items which command a premium price.

Famitsu Wave DVD Sept 2008 - New Import, In Stock

The September 2008 issue of Famitsu Wave DVD includes print and video coverage of the following software titles and events:

» ARC Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Generation of Heroes (We want this)
» ARC Street Fighter IV
» DS Knights in the Nightmare
» PS3 Way of the Samurai 3
» PS2 Persona IV continuing coverage
» PSP Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G merchandise galore
» ARC Jubeat - a new coin-op rhythm game that uses touch screens
» ARC Quest of D - The Battle Kingdom - a new Sega coin-op RPG
» X360 Infinite Undiscovery
» X360 The Last Remnant
» X360 Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope

The teaser preview page for the October issue shows off Biohazard 5.

Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1026 - New Import, Subs Only

Cover Date: August 15, 2008 / Cover: Konno Narumi

«©NCSX» The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage of the following games and/or events:

Heros Saga Laevatein developed by Gunho Works.
» PS2
Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou vs the King of Abaddon.
Sankokushi Taisen Sora earns 8/8/8/8 and Fire Emblem: Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Ken fares even better with 9/8/8/9 in the Reviews section. The new Zero (Fatal Frame) game for Wii that arrived yesterday gets a 9/9/8/8 in the Cross Review section.
» Bonus insert which checks out 100 top notch Nintendo DS games.
» Page 188 checks out local eateries and their offerings
» A close-up of cover idol Konno Narumi who sings, acts, and dances
» Wii Space Invaders Get Even (500 Wii Points)

NCS is accepting orders for yearly subscriptions to Weekly Famitsu only. Additional details and rates may be found on our order link.

Panic Palette Portable - New Import, In Stock

Takuyo originally released Panic Palette on the Playstation 2 in May of 2007 and the game was targeted squarely at girl gamers. The Playstation Portable upgrade features additional scenarios that were not in the Playstation original. It's still targeted at a female audience.

Aki Itou is a pink-haired 15 year old high school student who lives by herself in a drab apartment. One day, Aki is headed home and walking along the beach when she bumps into a mysterious stranger. He's dressed like an Arabian prince of some sort with robes, a turban, and strangely feminine facial features. The Prince tells Aki that he hails from another world known as Merdicia and asks for her hand in marriage. She refuses but the Prince needs an assistant so he can return to his own world. To that end, Aki agrees to help the Prince gather up aura power by interacting and conversing with her fellow students at school. The Prince gives her a strange contraption to fulfill her mission.
There are five types of aura that can be collected as follows:

Happiness / Sadness / Anger / Thoughtfulness / Fear

Each type of aura is represented by a colored sphere which features a facial expression.
By collecting enough aura, Aki can help the Prince go home and she can stay single. The cast in the game is made up mostly of boys such as Kazuto, Norihisa, and the resident badass Shirahara.

Phantasy Star Portable Accessory Set - New, In Stock

The release of the Playstation Portable edition of Phantasy Star Universe this week is accompanied by an accessory pack from Hori which contains the following items:

» A pair of earphones which clip on top of your ears and feature the Phantasy Star Portable logo and an insignia. A standard 3.8mm jack connects the earphones to a PSP or other audio equipment.

» Two UMD cases which are decorated with Phantasy Star artwork. Each case holds a single UMD within its confines and protects it from dust and other motes that waft through the air.

A transparent PSP shell which is designed for the slim PSP-2000 only. Note that the original PSP-1000 won't fit into the case. The top of the shell is imprinted with a blue Phantasy Star logo and the plastic is the rigid type rather than the pliable variety.

The items are packaged in a compact cardboard box as seen to the left. An instruction sheet is included inside just in case you need more information on the items. Pricing is set at JPY2800 or US$28.90 from NCS. All preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship this afternoon.

Tengai Makyou: Daishi no Mokushiroku - New, In Stock

Originally released on the Saturn in January 1997, Hudson ports Tengai Makyou: Daishi no Mokushiroku to the PSture from the wilds of Zipang, the fourth Tengai Makyou adventure is set squarely in America. The story starts in New Orleans (1893) where a group of anonymous friends investigate a purported haunted house only to unleaP intact and adds a new scenario that's set in New York. Taking a deparsh a malevolent archfiend and torch the house in the process. Time passes and the protagonist of the game named Rizing makes his way to Alaska where his skills as a demon hunter are called upon to quell ornery demons. The imps have been appearing in towns across the land and are possibly coming from the Fire of Eden. In addition to battling demons, Rizing must also gather clues on the machinations of a demonic cult that's raising a ruckus.

In Tengai Makyou IV, Rizing teams up with childhood friends and misfits in an quest to seal the demons away. Joining up in the adventure: A girl with psychic powers named Yumemi, a bloated samurai who answers to Zengo, an Indian outcast known as Youno, and an over-the-top cowboy named Ace. Together, the party encounters abnormal situations, chats up an ocean of dialogue, and faces instances of momentary madness. The PSP version of the game ports over nicely from the Saturn original and features the voice tracks and streaming cinemas from the source materiall. A new character is introduced in the game along with her children in the New York scenario which adds more dramatic foil to the adventure.

Dokapon Kingdom for Wii - New Import, In Stock

The fusion of the board game and the traditional RPG is complete with Sting's new Dokapon Kingdom which features elements from both genres. Players flick a spinner to determine movement range and then trudge the corresponding number of spaces on an expansive play board where a castle serves as centerpiece. Each space contains a treasure chest, an item icon, a monster encounter, or another event that is triggered upon landing on it. Treasure chests invariably contain varying amounts of gold pieces while Item spaces unveil crystals, weapons, spell books, or other objects which are useful to the enterprising adventurer. Enemy encounters are simple affairs where two combatants stand facing each other and dole out attacks or magic with single button presses.

Since RPGs commonly use the mechanic of leveling up and character attributes to determine the abilities of a hero, Dokapon Kingdom stays true to convention and utilizes experience points to serve as the basis for a character's level and capabilities. In addition to contending against the monsters on the board, the other players in the game also serve as opposition by casting deleterious spells against each other.

SD Gundam G-Generation Cross Drive - Clearance

Characters and Gundam robots from a total of eighteen Gundam franchises commingle and clash in SD Gundam G-Generation X-Drive from Bandai. Cross Drive boasts a cast of over 500 characters and over 300 mobile suits which fill the 120 missions with drama, action, and battling tactics. The Gundam series that are featured in the game include the original Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Gundam Seed, Gundam W, Gundam 008 Stardust Memory, Gundam Seed X Astray, and many more.

Sale Offer: NCS' remaining inventory of SD Gungam G-Generation Cross Drive is new, factory sealed, and in mint condition. Price: US$18.90 per copy which includes "free shipping" within the US by Media Mail Service.