Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TOYS The Rocketeer Real Action Heroes ver2.5 - New Import

«©NCSX» In 1991, a rocket-powered superhero, Jennifer Connelly, and Nazi villains couldn't convince prospective movie audiences to pay the cost of admission. Positioned as a "summer blockbuster," the Rocketeer raked in a mere $46,704,056 in total receipts. That last $56 was hard fought.

Fast forward to 2003 and Medicom commemorated the 12-year anniversary of the Rocketeer with a Real Action Heroes run that was limited to 2000 pieces. Collectors applauded, paid the dear cost of collecting, and the figure eventually sold out, never to be seen again. Or so we thought. The Rocketeer RAH was re-released in 2006 and it's making another comeback later this week in a "version 2.5" (#461) rendition. The Rocketeer sports a studded brown leather jacket with a flap which flips open to reveal a zipper. To complete the ensemble, a silver colored rocket pack is strapped to his back with copper-colored thrusters at the bottom.

TOYS IkkiTousen GG Kanu Unchou Perfect Body - New Import

«©NCSX» NCS inspected the new Kanu Unchou Perfect Body Version thoroughly but we couldn't really discern what made this particular version the "perfect body" as opposed to the myriad incarnations of Kanu we've sold through the years. Were those earlier Kanu figures "imperfect," "ill proportioned," or "flawed" in some way? We'll never know for sure. Perfect Body Kanu has candy resin skin and an hourglass figure that might be deemed perfect by most standards. Women hate her and men stare a little too long for comfort.

Alphamax's Kanu coldcast figure is sculpted to 1/8 scale and measures 22cm or 8.66" tall. Kanu is basically nude but she wears a pair of skivvies below while two strategically placed strands of hair provide coverings for her bosom. In Kanu's left hand, she holds her uniform which drapes neatly downwards. Preorders have shipped as of yesterday and pricing is set at JPY13,800 or US$155.90 from NCS. Update:
Sold out.

TOYS Rebuild of Evangelion Bike Helmet - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» New York City is an urban jungle. Stand in the middle of Times Square at noon and marvel at the masses of humanity that walk the Earth. Bet you a silver dollar that Mother Nature never anticipated there'd be this many people shuffling their feet at any one time. Yet there they are. Along with the pedestrians, a lot of bicyclists roam the streets. Loads of bike messengers. One time, we saw a taxi cab rear-end a bicyclist which sent the rider sprawling forward with a lot of thrust. The bike was a total loss but the biker survived. His helmet didn't really help because the bicyclist didn't land on his head but he did skin his chin so that there was a big patch of bloody red gore below his lower lip. Looked like a slice of roast beef that had just been lopped off a steer. Heartwarming visuals are NCS' business.

Movic's Rebuild of Evangelion Bike Helmet probably won't save your chin if you end up skidding face-first on concrete pavement. However, it'll probably save your life there's ever a time when you're riding a bike and you suddenly find yourself landing on your head. Preorders ship in January 2010.

TOYS Little Busters! Kudoryafuka Hair Pin - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» In the Little Busters! animated serial, Kudryavka Noumi is a bi-racial girl (Japanese, Russian) who has a pet Husky she calls Strelka which means "small arrow" in Russian. Kud wears a floppy hat which looks like a loaf of bread and she accessories with a little bat pin which she wears on her hair. The black bat may be symbolic of witchcraft, evil, bloodsucker, or maybe Noumi's just a really rabid Batman fan.
Kudoryafuka Hair Pin measures 6 x 4cm (2.36 x 1.57") and is manufactured of PVC. A metal hair braid is attached to the back of the bat so that the pin may be attached securely to a few locks of a wearer's hair.
Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late March 2009 at JPY1200 or US$16.90 from NCS. The pin will ship in a cardboard-backed blister pack.

NEWS General Updates

Final Fantasy XIII Update
If it was any other game, FFXIII would've already shipped from Japan last night but Square Enix warned its distributors that they would not be allowed to release the game early. NCS was hoping to get FFXIII tomorrow but that's not going to happen. We're not sure what kind of penalty breaking street date would have incurred but apparently, all vendors and distributors are behaving and following SE's orders. Another condition for preordering FFXIII was full prepayment so maybe that's another reason why distributors aren't allowing the game to be leaked. In any case, NCS expects to receive all of our shipments of FFXIII on Thursday of this week and all preorders will ship on that day. New orders placed over the next 2 days will also ship on Thursday of this week. Thanks.
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Bundle Update
The Lightning bundles are scheduled to arrive towards the end of this week and NCS will ship all confirmed preorders on the same day that the bundle shipments arrive. On another note, if you've received an email concerning payment validation, please try to contact us before Thursday so that any outstanding issues are resolved and your order can ship without delay or interruption.
Mushihimsama Futari RE Update
The second printing of the regular edition of Mushihimesama Futari is scheduled to arrive on Thursday of this week. All backorders will ship upon delivery. Please note the 2nd printing does not include the bonus DLC card.
Xbox 360 Arcade Pack (Jasper Chipset)
Outstanding backorders for the Japanese Xbox 360 Arcade Pack should be filled by early next week. The new batches are fitted with the Jasper chipset... as they have been for the past few months. We don't think Falcons are available even if we wanted them.