Wednesday, December 01, 2010

 PSP Kingdom: Ikkitousen no Ken - New Japanese Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The Kingdom (キングダム) manga by Yasuhisa Hara follows the bloody adventures of a young orphan named Shin who aspires to become a general in wartime China. Shin's plans take place against the backdrop of the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history when the empires of Shu, Wei, and Wu were in conflict.

   The armies of the Three Kingdoms are on the march and fearsome bloodshed is about to erupt . Players take on the role of Shin and his ragtag cohorts where they battle enemies by themselves but on some stages, the active hero also leads a small gang of warriors who mimic his every move and slash at enemies in concert. In one special attack, they'll all leap up into the air and then hammer downwards to damage any enemy in the local area who's within the radius of their ground impact. Additional special attacks including a whirling attack, a rushing dash move which mows down anyone in the team's path, and angry berserker attacks.

   While the protagonist's team has a bunch of tricks in their offensive repertoire, the enemy isn't without their tactics either. Multiple enemy soldiers can link up together by holding each other's limbs to create a weird "human" giant who swings and attacks as one cohesive attack unit. In addition to single-player mode, the game also supports a 3-player mode where participants engage in multiplayer missions that were tailored for multiplayer action.

 TOYS Star Wars Lightsaber Sound Flashlight - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Earlier this year, we had one of our locks replaced because the Medeco cylinder assembly apparently went bye-bye. The locksmith that did the work needed a flashlight but the first light we tried was dead. Did you know that you're supposed to change the batteries in flashlights at least once every 10 years? We didn't. The second flashlight we tried was one of those shake-lights where you joggle it around for a minute or two to charge up the internal battery. That worked and the locksmith was so grateful, he only overcharged us by 50% instead of the usual 80%.

   The next time the need arises for a flashlight, we might reach for Taito's Star Wars Sound Lightsaber Flashlight (say that three times quickly) which shoots out a beam of white light to scare away the darkness. A second function on the 20cm saber allows it to make energy-swooshing sounds to impress the girls, the Star Wars nerds fans, and the occasional light-needing locksmith. Please note that three LR44 batteries are required to operate the flashlight (not included).  The Lightsaber measures 20cm and two styles are available: a black or a silver light saber.

 NEWS General Updates

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Update
   Preorders for MHP 3rd shipped out yesterday and we tried to place a restock order last night. However, prices from Japanese vendors who export outside of Japan have been hiked to roughly JPY8800 which is
159.30% over the retail price. We're holding off on restock until sanity returns but prices should begin dropping this weekend. In related news, the Asian version of MHP3rd is also available but we'll probably wait for the Japanese stock.
iPhone 3G, 3GS Cases
All preorders for the Darius Burst and Space Invaders iPhone cases are shipping tomorrow. Sadly, there still hasn't been any news about iPhone 4G compatible cases from Taito yet. A series of Sky Girls iPhone cases were also released in Japan last night but they didn't look too compelling. If we decide to import a few for show, we'll
PS3 Tales of Graces F Tomorrow
   A large amount of preorders for Tales of Graces F will ship tomorrow. If you wish to make any changes to your preorder such as upgrading the shipping, we would appreciate your notification before 3PM EST today. Thanks.
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Aroma Candle
Backorders for the Cloud Strife Aroma Candle will be shipping out tomorrow. We'll also adding inventory to our supplies of the Sephiroth Aroma Candle tomorrow. New orders are welcome to ship on Friday.