Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Star Wars Droid Speakers - New Import, In Stock

Taito shapes audio speakers into the likeness of R2-D2 and adds another "must have" product for the über fan who has everything remotely related to the Star Wars franchise. The R2-D2 speaker measures 12cm or 4.72" tall and connects to a laptop computer or MP3 player by way of standard 3.5 mm stereo plug. When you're in the mood for some tunes, flip the droid's dome up to reveal the speaker. Once music time is over, smack the dome down and it's just a droid. Please purchase "2" if you want a matching pair in either blue or red. «Photo Gallery»

Star Wars Room Light - New Import, In Stock

If you should ever hold a Star Wars movie marathon in your living room, you might impress your guests with a snazzy Light Saber room light that measures 40cm or 15.74" tall. Available in either red or green luminescence, the Light Saber light could serve as a marker in your home movie theater to designate the seating area from the snack area. If you're into séances, the hazy glow of the saber should provide a spooky kind of illumination to add to the atmosphere. Please note that some assembly is required because the light element and the saber receptacle are shipped separately. A display stand is also included for mounting the light. All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome. «Photo Gallery»

Sekai Meisaku Gekijo Plush - New Import, In Stock

Have you ever wanted a pet raccoon but were too afraid of the:

1) Rabies... and consequently, the clammy touch of Death
2) Talon-like claws capable of rending flesh like ribbons

Banpresto gives raccoon lovers an alternative by way of a 33cm (12.99") plush which is based on the famous Sekai Meisaku Gekijo 'coon character. We named our raccoon, "Rascal" since we saw that in a movie

The raccoon plush is silky soft to the touch. Luxurious almost. We figure some owners will snuggle with the raccoon since it feels so cuddly. When held aloft as in the photo above, the raccoon's body sort of flops downwards with its bushy tail.

Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi: Iroha PVC Figure - New, In Stock

The warrior maiden named Iroha made her first appearance in the Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi game and the rest is history. She's captured the fancy of toy sculptors and fans alike with her attractive disposition and her winged-outfit in black and white.

Previous sculpts of Iroha have depicted her a pair of blades flaring and apparently ready to slash but Griffon's new 1/6 scale or 16cm (6.29") tall rendition shows the softer side of Iroha. Her weapons named
Hourin and Ousai lay flat to her side and are incapable of spilling any blood. Iroha is becalmed and perhaps even reflective as she sits on the ground and looks to the left. She also shucks off her slippers so that her bandaged feet are exposed to the air. If one examines Iroha's fingernails and toenails, they're painted a pretty crimson color. Preorders have shipped as of yesterday afternoon and new orders are welcome to ship today. «Photos»

Yakin Byoutou 3: Ren Nanase PVC Figure - New, In Stock

Ren (aka Koi) Nanase hails from the Yakin Byoutou (Night Shift Hospital) OVAs where she was experimented upon by a crazed doctor to create the perfect sex slave.

Last year, NCS imported pillow cases, pillows, and figures based on the Yakin Byoutou property which sold rather well to an international customer base. This year, Ren Nanase returns with Ai Kazama in a pair of new figures by Gigapulse. The Ren PVC figure is set at 1/8 scale where she crouches gingerly and plants her hands on her thighs. A base is included so Ren can perch and a little mirror is included for "upskirts" action without a single lick of effort on the part of any voyeur in the vicinity.

KOS-MOS Ver.4 1/8 Scale Figure - New, SOLD OUT

Alter's original KOS-MOS toy as sculpted by Takahashi Tsuyoshi from 2005 was one of our best sellers and we would have sold more if stock was available. Alter re-released the figure in late 2006 and those sold out fairly quickly as well.

Since you can never have enough KOS-MOS, Alter unleashes a KOS-MOS Version 4 figure which is based on her incarnation in Xenosaga Episode III. Akin to the first figure from Alter, KOS-MOS' hair is a translucent blue color that trails away from her head with wild abandon. It's as if gale force winds were blowing. Her armor is a mix of lingerie, garters, and metal plates which leave little to the imagination. On the weapon side of things, KOS' right hand hefts a nine-barrel Gatling gun which is almost as tall as she is. The figure is set to 1/8 scale and measures 21cm (8.26") tall. The sculpture is by Yagyu Toshiyuki and we consider ver. 4 to be something of a masterwork. Make that a masterwork that's all sold out this morning.
Preorders will ship today. We'll update accordingly if we're able to locate any restock in the next couple of weeks.

PC and MAC Saturn Control Pad - ALL SOLD OUT

NCS Product Synopsis from August 9, 2003
Sega conquered the PC and MAC gaming world with USB versions of the original Saturn pad in 2003. The company then went on to produce a version for the PS2 that remains our best selling controller for the console. It sold better than the Dragon Quest Slime controller. The Saturn controller was arguably perfect in design, shape, and function. Instead of dreaming up the UFO-shaped Dreamcast pad, Sega should have just stuck with the Saturn pad on the DC.

NCS Sale Offer
Today's sale stock is new and the price is set at US$45.90 per control pad which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping within the USA.