Monday, June 04, 2007

Zelda: Mugen no Sunadokei Touch Pen Set

A new Zelda game titled "Zelda no Densetsu: Mugen no Sunadokei" which translates to "The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass" is scheduled to ship later this month. To sort of tie into the release of the game, gashapon king Yujin has announced preorders for six Zelda-themed touch pens which are slated to ship in September 2007. Will anyone still remember the game three months after the fact? This question and many more will be answered when NCS takes delivery of the touch pens this autumn and throw up the usual photos.

Six varieties are on offer which feature the Zelda Mugen no Sunadokei logo and two-tone colors per stylus. Each touch pen is adorned with a loop for tethering purposes. Preorders are welcome today and NCS will supply the touch pens in complete sets of six for US$20.

Evangelion Angel Headwear

Over the past decade or so, the regularity of Evangelion merchandise was something that we took for granted. Every month or so, toys, towels, bedsheets, matryoshka dolls, and other miscellany would reach the market and fans would eat it all up. A new Evangelion movie is scheduled to bow this summer in Japan and it's only fitting that another flood of merchandise reach market henceforth. Japanese manufacturer Plex starts things off with officially licensed hats that are based on three Angels from the Evangelion mythos.

The Third Angel named Sachiel faced off against Shinji but eventually self-destructed. The Sachiel hat (left) features the doleful image of the Angel dead-center and two appendages on the side that look like Sachiel's shoulders. The fabric that drops from the sides is meant to represent its droopy arms.

On the upper right, we have the Zeruel Hat which is based on the Fourteenth Angel. The skull face is there along with its beam-weapon port which packs a wallop.

Looking towards the lower right, the orange-colored Sahaquiel hat represents the Tenth Angel. Although Sahaquiel has three eyes in the animation series, we only spy one of them...

Preorders for the EVA Angel Hats are welcome to ship in mid-late August 2007 at US$19 per hat.

Relakkuma Mat

Relakkuma has one of those faces where you take one glance and say to yourself, "I know him. I know this %$&#$ animal from somewhere." We're guessing it's the ears but the soulful and expressive eyes may also be the cue to rouse feelings of familiarity.
To ensure that Relakkuma is always on your mind, System Service has started preorders for a mat which measures 60 x 44cm in area which converts to 23.62 x 17.32" imperial. The mat is made of a cushiony material which may be perfect for the bedroom, the game room, or perhaps even the bathroom. Whatever room you choose, you'll soon be able to step on Relakkuma's face with a combat boot or a waffle slipper. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late September 2007 at US$19.00/mat.

Tsugi No Hi Kerori Pillow

For a long time, Hello Kitty was Sanrio's bread and butter. The little kitty spawned a global phenomenon that continues to this day. However, variety is the spice of life and new characters were needed in order for Sanrio to grow and maintain the empire. Beasts such as Tarepada and Relakkuma have grown to become recognizable franchises. Add one more creature to the pile - Tsugi no Hi Kerori which translates to "Kerori (Frog) of Tomorrow."

Since the goal of creating a character is profits - that's right, profits, Kerori is yoked and forced to appear on all manner of products. For today's example, Kerori appears atop a pillow. Rest your head in the center when you sleep and rest assured that Kerori watches over you like a Guardian of the Night. Or something like that. Preorders ship in mid-late Sept 2007.

Japanese Import Outlook

PSP Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition leads preorders for the week followed by Wii Bokujou Monogatari Yasuragi no Ki. PSP Audition Portable is another music rhythm game from a Korean publisher.
NDS Kabu Trader Shun Capcom

Ontama Onpu Shima Hen NFactory
PS2 Magician's Academy Enterbrain
PSP Audition Portable T3 Ent

Chu~Kana Janshi Tenno Painyon Remix Jaleco

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai 2 Banpresto

Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition SquarEnix
X360 Xbox 360 Hard Drive - 120 GB Microsoft
Wii Bokujou Monogatari Yasuragi no Ki Marvelous

USA Release Outlook

NDS Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu Atari

Nintendo DS Browser Nintendo

Planet Puzzle League Nintendo
PS2 Tomb Raider: Anniversary Eidos
X360 Call of Juarez Ubisoft