Friday, January 30, 2009

Dragon Quest IX Hoshizora no Mamoribito - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» A few Japanese distributors have started preorders for Dragon Quest IX but not to everyone. According to them, they're currently only offering the game to their high-volume customers since the release will apparently be in demand. NCS has been trading for a while now and we're generally jaded to such sales hype but then again this is Dragon Quest. Japanese fans are likely willing to camp out and wait on line for any DQ game by the hundreds of thousands so the hype might be warranted.

We know how many copies we'll be getting so we're opening up preorders today. NCS doesn't anticipate any shortages or supply issues but as they say in Brooklyn, "Ya Neva Know 'Til Ya Know." Preorders are welcome to ship on March 28, 2009 at JPY5980 or US$70.90 from NCS.

Fate/Stay Night Saber Gift Version - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» Japanese manufacturer Gift teams up with Good Smile Company to release a visually striking Saber figure which is dressed in a poofy dress and shining armor. The visual contrast is basically the impression of hard metal on top and gossamer below. Satoshi Toda sculpted the Saber Gift figure to 1/8 scale which measures 18cm tall or 7.08" in height.

Upon opening up the package, Saber is encased in a plastic prison which keeps her secure. An extra Saber head which sports larger "anime-style" eyes is packaged with the figure - the default Saber head is painted with "normal-style" eyes that are more realistic.
Saber's eyes are colored green and a sprig of blonde hair pokes out of the top of her head. The "sprig" hairstyle may also be seen on Naru Narusegawa of Love Hina fame and Kanu Unchou from Ikkitousen, among others. A mirrored base and Saber's sword are also included in the packaging. NCS' private Saber figure collection isn't as large as our Kanu Unchou collection but we think Saber will eventually catch up to Kanu in the number of figures released in Japan.

Japanese Product Name: 1/8 PVC 完成品 [Fate/stay night] セイバー

Dynasty Warriors 6 Mini Figure Vol.1 - New, In Stock

«©NCSX» The heroes of Dynasty Warriors are generally tall, lanky, and well proportioned specimens of the human species. That all changes with CafeReo's new Dynasty Warriors 6 Eiketsu Mini-Figures which feature twelve super-deformed generals and heroes from the popular game. Although the warriors from Koei's game have been shrunken, they still bear their distinct likenesses which make them easy to spot and discern from one another.

Each figure measures a mere 5cm or 1.96" in height and sports a larger than normal noggin. A circular disc is included with each figure for display purposes. Many of the Sangoku Musou munchkins wield weapons per their normal operating procedures on the battlefield. For example, Cao Cao carries a sword with a golden handle which matches the purple, black, and gold regalia that he's decked out in. Cao Cao also wears a golden crown as befits the progenitor of the Wei Empire. The bald-headed Dian Wei carries a ball and chain while Zhang Liao hefts two weapons in each hand for double the damage. All preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome at JPY6000 or US$79.90 per box of 12 figures.

SFZ3 Double Upper & Vampire Chronicle Value Pack

«©NCSX» Capcom owns a valuable software library that can be counted on for future revenue whenever the need or desire arises. The software library can be channeled into different platforms, online downloads, or in the case of the Street Fighter Zero3 Double Upper Vampire Chronicle The Chaos Tower Value Pack (Best Version), outright re-releases.

Since the software has already been produced and bug-tested years ago, the company incurs little cost to bring the software to market again. Other than the printing and packaging, Capcom might take out an ad in Famitsu or Dengeki to alert readers of the impending re-release. After knocking out those expenses, the revenue from sales of a re-release is pretty much pure profit. It's good work if you can get it.

The new PSP Value Pack bundles together the Japanese PSP versions of Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper and Vampire Chronicle on two separate UMDs. That's not all however. Both UMDs are packaged in their respective retail releases - in the case of SFZ3 Double Upper, the game is the Capkore reissue and Vampire Chronicle is the Best version of the game which were released in 2007 and 2008 respectively. The two games are then inserted in a cardboard slipcase as seen to the left.

All preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship today. Pricing is set at JPY3139 or US$39.90 from NCS.

Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1052 - Subscriptions Only

Cover Date - February 13, 2009
The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu covers the following games/events:
» Famitsu fetes great game logos in the "I
GAME LOGO" feature which checks out Biohazard, MGS, Final Fantasy, Sonic, and other famous series.
» Are you in the market for an HDTV? Famitsu checks out the advantages and common features for new HDTVs from assorted manufacturers.
» Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time strategy guide.
» A bonus 100-page extra booklet is included which contains coverage on every game released for the PSP and Nintendo DS in 2008.
» Interview with actress Ryouko Kobayashi who was most recently on the Japanese television series Mao (The Devil King).
» A look at PSP-3000 color variants including the Vibrant Blue and Spirited Green versions along with their complementary color carrying cases.
» Space Invaders Extreme 2 preview which includes an explanation of the Bingo System which is built on a 3x3 grid aka Bingo Panel.
» The Review Crew ranks PS3 Demon's Soul (7/9/6/7) and NDS
Chibi Maruko-Chan DS: Maru-Chan no Machi (8/7/7/7).