Tuesday, March 12, 2013

 TOYS Pikmin 2 Plushies (Reproduction) - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis  
«©NCSX» Nintendo released Pikmin 2 on the Gamecube over 9 years ago but it doesn't matter. The lovable Pikmin, Chappi, and Captain Olimar (don't forget his buddy Louie) still live in the hearts of fans the world over. How does NCS know this? Because we still get inquiries for Pikmin products every day. Every. Day. Sanei probably gets 100x the inquiries that we do and maybe that's why they're re-releasing the Pikmin 2 plushes once again for Spring 2013.

Please note that there's a total of 6 different Pikmin plushes on offer as follows:

» Yellow Pikmin
» Red Pikmin
» Purple Pikmin
» Blue Pikmin
» White Pikmin
» Chappi

   The Chappi plush measures 10" tall and 10" in length and is the biggest of the bunch. Each of the Pikmin plushes measure between 10" and 11" in height from their feet to the top of their flower/bud/leaf. New orders are welcome.

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Sanei
Japanese Title: ピクミン2ヌイグルミ チャッピー
Territory / Language: Japan
Jan Code: 4905330193186