Monday, March 23, 2015

 PSV Persona 4 Dancing All Night Premium Crazy Box - Import Preorder $329.90

Product Synopsis
    Reservations are welcome for Atlus and Sony's upcoming Persona 4 Dancing All Night Crazy Box which contains the following items:

» Playstation Vita (PCH-2000 series) Wi-Fi model with lime-green/white color scheme and a disco-themed design on the back. An original 'Dancing All Night' system theme is preinstalled on the handheld.
» PS Vita "Persona 4 DANCING ALL NIGHT Crazy Value Pack" software × 1
 » USB cable × 1
 » AC adapter × 1
 » Power cord × 1
User guide × 1

    Preorders are welcome to ship on June 25-26, 2015.

 Product Specs
 Manufacturer: Sony
 JAN Code: 4948872447300 /
Japan Title: ペルソナ4 ダンシング・オールナイト プレミアム・クレイジーボックス
 Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Super Mario Tokudai Plush Doll Teresa - Import Preorder $36.90

Product Synopsis
    The four-fanged Teresa of Super Mario fame joins the 'Tokudai' (Big) plush series with a massive marshmallow of a toy which measures 46cm (17.71") in diameter and would dwarf small cats and dogs with its impressive girth.

    Preorders are welcome to ship in late May 2015.
 Product Specs

 Manufacturer: Taito
 JAN Code: 7700-15-459872300

Japan Title: すぺr マリオ 特大 どっl テレサ
 Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Star Wars Revo No. 005 Boba Fett - Import Preorder $53.90/each

Product Synopsis
    Bounty Hunter Boba Fett joins Kaiyodo's Star Wars Revo series of toys in a posable figure designed by sculptor Yamaguchi Katsuhisa which includes an EE-3 blaster rifle, a blaster pistol, four optional hands, and a display base for posing purposes.

    Preorders are welcome to ship on or around May 28, 2015.
 Product Specs

 Publisher: Kaiyodo
 Dimension: H15cm (5.90")
 Material: PVC
 JAN Code:
 Japan Title: STAR WARS:REVO No.005 ボバ・フェット
 Territory/Language: Japan

TOYS Gigantic Series Rockman X - Import Preorder $88.90/each

Product Synopsis
    Rockman X lifts up his X-Buster hand cannon and threatens to fire away in the upcoming 'Gigantic Series' rendition of the blue-armored platform hero. The fixed-pose figure measures an impressive 40cm or 15.74" tall and is made of PVC.

    Preorders are welcome to ship in late June 2015. Due to the large size of the packaging for this figure, NCS recommends shipping by UPS Ground within the United States.
 Product Specs

 Publisher: X-Plus
 Dimension: H40cm (15.74)
 JAN Code: 4532149400145
 Japan Title:
ギガンティックシリーズ エックス
 Territory/Language: Japan

 PS2 Playstation 2 Japanese Game Stack Vol. 3 - Sale Import $289.90/each, Free shipping USA

NCS Product Synopsis
We've been consolidating inventory from shipment boxes again and finding pieces of games in boxes of other games where they don't belong so we're selling them off in groups of 20. This sale listing is for 20 new and factory sealed Japanese PS2 imports as follows:

» .hack// Vol. 3
 » 3D Fighting School 2
» Angelic Concert
 » Automodellista
» Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu 3
 » DJ Box
 » First Step RPG Simple 2000 Vol. 44
 » Magic Teacher Negima Honor
 » Mahou Sensei Negima Silver Medal
 » Memories Off
 » Memories Off After Rain Vol. 3
Pyu to Fuku Jaguar Ashita no Japan
 » Saints Seinaru Mamono
» Sakura Yuki Gekka
» Space Invaders 25th Anniversary
 » Table Mahjong Superlite 2000 Vol. 2
 » Tentama 1st Sunny Side
» Tokimeki Memorial 3
 » Virtual On Marz
» Warrior of Argus 

    Pricing is set at US$289.90 for the set which breaks down to US$14.49 each with free shipping within the United States.
   Region-Locked: Please note Japanese PS2 software is only compatible with Japanese PS2 consoles or PS2 consoles that have been equipped to boot Japanese software. 

    Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST.    


 MCD Mega-CD Two Stack - Import Sale $39.90, Free Shipping within USA

Product Synopsis
    Two brand new and factory sealed Japanese Mega-CD games as follows:

 » Heavy Nova
 » Thunderhawk

    All inventory is new from original NCS stock imported back in the heyday of Sega's Mega-Drive 16-bit console.

    Orders ship same-day (M-F) if received before 4PM EDT.

 TOYS Super Mario Mushroom Hat Narikiri - Sale Import $30.90, Free shipping within USA

Please Note: The Domokun model featured in NCS' photo gallery is not included with the Mushroom Hat.

NCS Product Synopsis 
Update: December 05, 2011 
«©NCSX» Have you ever stared at Mr. Toad in the Mario games and mumbled to yourself, “I look better than him, why am I not beloved by gamers the world over?” If so, your time for adoration in the hinterlands of the internet might be drawing near. Banpresto’s ‘Mushroom Hat Narikiri’ is a 35cm or 13.77″ diameter mushroom plush which plops atop the wearer’s head and instantly transforms him or her into a Mr. Toad clone. The hat is described as ‘free size’ which means it’ll fit on the heads of most people thanks to a stretchable band which clutches around a person’s forehead like a hair net. A choice of red or green is available for purchase.

   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST.