Monday, November 28, 2016

 TOYS Pokemon Pokeball Collection - Import Preorder US$50.90

Product Synopsis
    Pocket Monsters Pokeballs to catch 'em all are featured in Bandai's upcoming Pokemon Pokeball collection which includes all four balls that trainers use from the Pokemon universe. Each Pokeball is colored with metallic paint for visual sheen and shine.

The set includes:
» Pokeball (aka Monster Ball)
» Super Ball (aka Great Ball)
» Hyper Ball (aka Ultra Ball)
» Master Ball

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late March 2017. Please note this preorder offer is for a factory box of 10 individually packaged Pokeballs which contains the four kinds and six random duplicates. 
Product Specs
Publisher: Bandai
Japanese Title: モンスターボールコレクション ポケットモンスター
Product SKU: 4549660141686
Territory/Language: Japan