Monday, May 09, 2011

CUP Code Geass Mug - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX»  Prince Lelouch Lamperouge is the lead protagonist in the Code Geass manga and anime franchise where he rebels against his own country when he witnesses its brutality. Although he is royalty in the Holy Britannia Empire, he turns against it and acquires a special power known as Geass which allows him to compel others to do his bidding.
   Cospa pays respect to Lelouch with a drinking mug which bears the likeness of the somber prince. His facial expression may be described as a smoldering scowl which is accentuated by the dour black background. For drinkers who prefer the light, an alternate mug is also available for preorder which features the silhouette of Lelouch's alter-ego "Zero" who appears in the foreground of a white backdrop. Reservations are welcome to ship in June 2011 at JPY800 or US$18.90 each.

 KIT Code Geass Ceramic Plate - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» After a devastating rebel strike against the Holy Britannia Empire of which he is prince, Lelouch Lamperouge sees the oppression his country has wrought and joins the rebels. In addition to switching sides, Lelouch also gains the power of Geass which gives him the ability to manipulate the actions of people. So manipulative is Lelouch's power that he can even force people to whack themselves.

   Cospa imprints Lelouch's image onto a ceramic plate which measures 16.3cm or 6.41" in diameter. His name's also printed in pink to the left of Lelouch's angular shoulder. Preorders are welcome to ship in June 2011 at JPY1000 or US$26.90. Due to the size and extra packaging required for this item, NCS recommends only shipping by UPS Ground.  

 MISC Tales of Vesperia Pouch - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Yuri Lowell appears on Cospa's Tales of Vesperia Pouch which depicts him in a relaxed pose or as relaxed as he can be with a sword in hand. The back of the pouch shows Yuri in silhouette next to the Vesperia logo amidst a blue/black backdrop that is evocative of the ocean at night or the starry night sky. The pouch is made of 100% polyester and measures 12 x 20cm or 4.72 x 7.87" in area. What can the pouch be used to hold? Pens, pencils, credit cards, trading cards, bits of paper, and other minute things. Preorders are welcome to ship in June 2011 at JPY1200 pr US$26.90. 

 TOYS Monster Hunter Jinouga - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» In the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd game from Capcom, Jinouga is the marquee monster who also goes by the name "Thunder Wolf Wyvern." He's an ornery and rambunctious beast with power, speed, and electricity. For its special gift which it uses to corral enemies, Jinouga is capable of charging himself up and calling lightning strikes on its foes.

   Capcom is producing a sculpture of Jinouga by Ryu Ooyama which is made of ABS and PVC that measures 30cm or 11.81" in length. Jinouga perches itself atop a craggy outpost and appears to announce its dominance with a snarling retort to the unseen Hunters below.
   Reservations for the Monster Hunter Jinouga figure are welcome to ship in August 2011 at JPY8190 or US$120.90.

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