Saturday, August 27, 2022

TOYS Marvel Universe Deadpool Fine Art Statue (New, 2023) Preorder $539.98/each


Product Synopsis  
Update August 26, 2022
   Snarky Marvel Universe anti-hero Deadpool joins the "FINE ART STATUE SIGNATURE SERIES" presented by Kotobukiya. The long-awaited second installment was fully creatively supervised by Kucharek Brothers following the first featuring Cable.

   This product is packed with the brothers' commitment to every corner of the process, starting with character selection, concept illustration production, digital sculpting, and painting.

Who are the Kucharek brothers?
With more than 20 years of impressive careers in illustration, sculpture, and product design, brothers Brian and Dennis are a powerful duo once their creative energies flow. The imaginative modeling created by them succeeds in pushing the boundaries of superhero statues.No wonder it is one of the must-have original works of comics and pop culture that attracts a lot of attention in today's collectible scene.

   And the time is 2022. The brothers chose the second in the series, the popular character "Deadpool" that the brothers once modeled and sold out immediately!

   Cable's long-time ally, Deadpool, who is now a member of the ever-popular mutant, is three-dimensionalized with an overwhelming amount of information on a 1/6 scale. With two swords held up without gaps, Nimrod, who continues to resist, is stomped on, and the scene of winning the game with dignity is sculpted in large size of over 36 cm with plenty of dynamism.

   In addition, this work is packed with even more commitment and comes with three types of replacement parts proposed by the brothers.

   First of all, by replacing the arm, it is possible to change from a sword to a futuristic gun. You can see the skillfulness of weapon handling that can be called a master class for both weapons. Next, it comes with an arm part that can hold a fluffy stuffed unicorn, and you can get a glimpse of the crazy personality that never forgets the funny side of life no matter how dangerous the situation is.

   The ultimate third replacement comes with the head parts from the 90's X Force, where Cable was once the leader! Along with the appearance of the modern age, you can choose to display the original appearance of 30 years ago.

   The ultimate representation of Deadpool, the savage fourth-wall fighter. This fine art signature series is a limited production product for the first time only. Each pedestal is stamped with a unique serial number. Using high-quality resin and hand-painted, each piece is carefully produced, and regardless of the size of the collection, it is sure to be spotlighted in various places. It is a specification that can be said to be completed by combining with the first series Cable and displaying it.

   Reservations are welcome to ship in late January 2023. 

Product Specifications
Manufacturer Kotobukiya
Dimension: H36cm (14.17") 1/6 Scale
Material: Cold Cast
Jan Code: 4934054035946
Japanese Title: デッドプール FINE ART STATUE シグネチャーシリーズ Feat. Kucharek Brothers
Territory/Language: Japanese