Monday, August 05, 2013

 MAG Weekly Famitsu Vol 1287 - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis  
   The August 15-22-29, 2013 issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage of the following games and events in the Japanese marketplace:

» Report from Comic-Con International 2013 which includes photos and information on the exhibitions.
» Monster Hunter Frontier G preview which ships on the Wii U and PS3 in December 2013.
» 3DS Super Sonico in Production is coming to the 3DS next year.
» Reviews for 3DS Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun SP: Rantou Kyousoukyoku (8/7/7/8), 3DS Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Game de Kaburincho!! (8/8/7/7), PSV
Grisaia no Kajitsu: Le Fruit de la Grisaia (8/8/7/7), PSP Vitamin R (9/8/8/6).
Continuing coverage on Killer is Dead which shipped last week for the PS3 and X360.
» Continuing coverage on Dragon's Crown for the PSV and PS3 which also shipped last week.
» Special interview with child actress Mana Ashida.

Product Specification
: Enterbrain
Territory/Language: Japan
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 PS3 Killer is Dead Premium Edition - New Import

Publisher Synopsis 
   Killer Is Dead is the latest title from the demented mind of celebrated game creator, SUDA51, serving as a spiritual successor to his previous cult favorites, No More Heroes and Killer 7. Stylish cell-shaded visuals set the mood in this gritty, bloody, ultra-violent world of the near future where biomechanical augmentations increase the power of criminals and "executioners" alike. Mondo Zappa, a newly recruited executioner, hunts criminals wielding a Japanese sword in his right hand, and the crushing power of biomechanical engineering in his left.
  • Latest Creation from Fan-favorite Game Creator SUDA51 - The twisted mind behind controversial but adored titles such as Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer 7 and No More Heroes is back with a bizarre tale of an executioner tracking down high-level terrorists in a cyberpunk future world.
  • Eye-catching Art Direction - Visuals are presented in a fashion reminiscent of a moving comic book, bringing the stylish and ultra-violent world to life.
  • Unique and Varied Action Combat - Swordplay is Mondo's preferred style, but his left bionic arm can be used for powerful punches to attack enemies or break through barriers, and it can also transform into a gun when ranged combat is necessary.
  • Extra Missions Give Way to More Cash, More Items, and More Girls - Dozens of extra missions outside of the main story give players access to unlockable outfits, money to upgrade weapons, materials to aid in a pinch, and "Gigolo Mode" to seduce the various beautiful women Mondo meets throughout the story.
   The first printing 'Premium Edition' of Killer is Dead includes bonus DLC and an extra insert as shown below.
Product Specification
Publisher: Kadokawa Games
Territory/Language: Japan
Japanese Title: キラー イズ デッド
SKU/JAN Code: 4582350660074