Tuesday, March 21, 2017

 GEAR Biohazard Vendetta T-Shirt - Import Preorder US$40.90/each

Product Synopsis 
   Wrap some Biohazard around your body with the upcoming Biohazard Vendetta t-shirts from Capcom which are available in four styles as follows:  
» Chris & Mansion Heather Grey 
» Chris & Mansion Heather Navy 
» Silver Dagger  
» Chris & Leon  
   Please note the sizing of the shirts below: 
» Medium: Length 69cm (27.16"), Body Width 48cm (18.89"), Shoulder Width 40cm (15.74"), Sleeve 19cm (7.48")   
» Large: Length 72cm (28.34"), Body Width 51cm (20.07"), Shoulder Width 43cm (16.92"), Sleeve 20cm (7.87") 
» X-Large: Length 75cm (29.52"), Body Width 54cm (21.25"), Shoulder Width 44cm (17.32"), Sleeve 21cm (8.26")  
Order Details
  Preorders are welcome to ship in late May 2017. This item is wrapped in a polybag and will ship to customers in a sturdy container to avoid damage during transit.

 Product Specs

 Material: Polyester 63% · Rayon 24% · Cotton 13%
Product SKU:
4976219084079 (Chris & Mansion Grey)  バイオハザード:ヴェンデッタ Tシャツ クリス&館 ヘザーグレー
 Product SKU: 4976219084437 (Chris & Mansion Navy) バイオハザード:ヴェンデッタ Tシャツ クリス&館 ヘザーネイビー
 Product SKU: 4976219084109 (Silver Dagger) バイオハザード:ヴェンデッタ Tシャツ クリス&レオン
 Product SKU: 4976219084123 (Chris & Leon) バイオハザード:ヴェンデッタ Tシャツ クリス&レオン

 » Length: (Medium) 69cm, (Large) 72cm, (X-Large) 75cm
» Body width: (Medium) 48cm, (Large) 51cm, (X-Large) 54cm
» Shoulder width: (Medium) 40cm, (Large) 43cm, (X-Large) 44cm
» Sleeve length: (Medium) 19cm, (Large) 20cm, (X-Large) 21cm
Territory/Language: Japan