Tuesday, October 08, 2013

 HOME Dragon Quest Smile Slime Slipper - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
   Pad around the living room wearing a pair of Dragon Quest Slime slippers in either blue or gray and show your pet dog that you're different and special. When you're not around, the dog will use the slippers as chew toys since they look like tasty little animals with big eyes. Please note the unisex slippers are 'free size' measuring 27cm or 10.62" and should fit most feet outside of the NBA and NFL. New orders are welcome to ship today.
  Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Square Enix
  Japanese Title: スマイルスライム ヌイグルミスリッパsl, スマイルスライム ぬいぐるみスリッパ ms
  Jan Code: 4988601221610