Friday, November 16, 2007

Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation - New, In Stock

A little over a decade after Street Fighter Zero appeared in Japanese arcades, Capcom collects all four Street Fighter Zero games on one DVD and throws in Pocket Fighter as a bonus. The arcade-perfect ports that have been compiled in SFZ FG are as follows:

Street Fighter Zero - An adjunct to the Street Fighter canon
Street Fighter Zero 2 - Sakura makes her debut, game play balanced
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha
- The USA version of SFZ2 back in Japan
Street Fighter Zero 3
- The ISM fighting style selector debuts
Pocket Fighter
- Mighty mites battle for their pipsqueak honor

Players select the games by rotating through placards which depict artwork from the five selections. After the initial loading time, each game stays resident in the PS2's ram and no further disc access occurs. The speed, controls, and feel of the games are pretty much 1:1 to the arcade originals. NCS booted up the old CPS-2 kits this morning (thankful that the batteries had not committed seppuku yet) and compared the games alongside the PS2 conversions and were pleased with the quality.

General Updates

Last Hope NCD
The Neo-CD version of Last Hope is being shipped from the publisher on Monday (November 19) and NCS expects delivery later in the week. We'll post another update once the game is in stock and ready to ship to our customers. Pricing remains at US$78 and every copy of the game will include a Superplay DVD. Preorders are welcome.
Akumajou Dracula X Chronicles Konamistyle
The bundles didn't make it in this morning but may arrive later in the afternoon. We'll contact customers by email once they're in stock.