Monday, October 25, 2010

TOYS One Piece Super DX Portgas D. Ace - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Banpresto has released a "limited edition" Portgas D. Ace prize figure that's generally only sold to amusement centers in Japan. We're citing the figure as "limited edition" because vendors are only allowed to purchase 1 carton from distributors.

   "What are prize figures?," someone might ask. You know those Japanese UFO catcher machines where saps players try to grab a slippery prize/toy/figure with a mechanical claw that's endowed with a loose grip? That's where the Super DX Portgas will be available in a few months. You could try to grab the Super DX Portgas D. Ace with a mechanical claw for an entire day and spend your week's wages to boot but NCS has a better way. Instead of loading Super DX Portgas into a UFO Catcher, NCS will just sell the figures to anyone interested in one. We'll grab Portgas straight from the manufacturer's cardboard boxes (packaged 12/carton) and ship them out.

   The fixed-pose figure measures 26cm or 10.23" tall and is made of PVC. Portgas is bare-chested but wears a pair of trunks and heavy boots. His trademark hat is present along with his cynical smile.

TOYS R2-D2 USB Desktop Cleaner - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» If your desk is grimy, sticky, and coated with a thin veneer of crust, Taito's Star Wars R2-D2 USB Desktop Cleaner won't do anything for you. R2-D2 isn't powerful enough to clean your desktop sty. However, if dust and small bits of paper or glitter are all that haunt your tabletop, R2-D2 is a champ who plugs into any USB port and suctions small amounts of debris, detritus, and dirt.
   Please note that the suction intake port underneath R2-D2 measures only 7/8 x 1/4" which means it's far too too small to suck up anything other than rat feces, small pieces of paper which are smaller than 7/8 x 1/4" in area, dead baby roaches, and grains of spilled rice. An off/on switch is located on the back of R2's dome. Some questions and answers are in order:

I can wipe my desk with a napkin to clean it up, why do I need R2?
Because R2-D2 suction is cooler than napkin motion.

Is a C-3PO desktop cleaner also on the way from Taito?
No, C-3PO isn't cool like that.

Can I clean my cat with the R2-D2 gizmo?
Yes, but your cat would probably go on the attack and claw at least an ounce of flesh from your bones.
Where are you making these? On another planet? You'll never sell any before you get Lucas on your back.
   Our first choice was Tatooine because labor is dirt cheap there and criminal activity is rampant. However, there's a hefty bounty on our heads and we decided that China would be a safer place for manufacturing R2-D2 kit.

Does R2-D2 move by itself like a Roomba?
No, this particular incarnation of R2-D2 is immobile. Its struts don't even move and are fixed into position. To clean your desk, you would have to take R2-D2 into your right or left hand and then move it over small bits of paper, glitter, or spilled tomato seeds to clean up.

   The R2-D2 cleaner measures 10cm or 3.93" in height and is constructed of durable PVC and has a 36" USB cord attached in the back. 

MAG Weekly Famitsu Vol. 1142 - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The November 4, 2010 issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage on the following games and events in the Japanese marketplace:
» PSP Monster Hunter Portable 3rd preview which spans 6 pages.
» Famitsu ranks NDS
Ougon no Taiyou: Shikkokunaru Yoake (9/8/8/8),  NDS Solatorobo (9/8/8/8), PSP God Eater Burst (9/9/9/8), PSP Carnage Heart EXA (8/7/8/7), PSP Dream C Club (7/7/7/6), X360 Rajirugi Massive (6/6/6/5), and PSP Phantom Brave Portable (8/8/8/8).
» Five-page preview for Nintendo and Mistwalker's The Last Story which ships on the Wii on January 27, 2011.
» Famitsu celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros with a special feature which looks at the recent game re-release of Super Mario Collection 25th Anniversary on the Wii. In one small photo, Miyamoto poses with a cake which sports a Mario head on top.
» If you're interested in checking out what you'll be playing on the Nintendo 3DS next year, flip to page 62 and take in games like Fantasy Life, Time Travellers, Mystery Room, and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.‎
» This week's PICK UP FOOD portrays buns with filling inside in an inviting light. Most of the buns look appetizing but the photo for the Kouseiwa buns make them look like reheated dog food.  

NDS Nintendo DSi LL Mario 25th Anniversary - New Offer

NCS Preorder Update
«©NCSX» Prices for the NDSi LL Mario 25th Anniversary Edition were finalized by Japanese vendors last night and they're lower than originally expected. All preorders will be automatically ratcheted down to the new price of US$309.90 and new reservations are welcome. If you have already paid by Paypal, a refund for the difference between the original preorder price and the new price will be processed this afternoon.

NCS Product Synopsis

   Nintendo celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario with a limited edition Nintendo DSi that's sort of super. The new handheld is painted dark red to match Mario's cap and shirt. He's been wearing the same uniform for the past quarter of a century which shows dedication and perhaps a lack of wardrobe. Three imprints are etched onto the lid of the NDSi - a mushroom, a flower, and a star. Preorders are welcome to ship on October 28, 2010.

NEWS General Updates

Neo Geo USB Pad Delayed
The release date of the PS3 Neo Geo USB Pad has been pushed from Oct. 28th to Dec. 9th. There doesn't appear to be any changes in the hardware and the new ship date is just an administrative delay of sorts.
Super Mario Collection
The remainder of our Super Mario Collection shipments are shipping tonight and all remaining preorders will be fulfilled on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Some vendors didn't receive their allocations of the game until this past weekend which was obviously too late to ship for arrival last Friday with the initial batches of the game that did arrive.
Blizzcon 2010
   We didn't write the headline for the following video so kindly direct your disdain elsewhere:
Fat virgin breaks leg in Dance off! - Blizzcon 2010.
Egyptian Gashapon
The Egyptian artifacts gashapon arrived last week and we'll post photos tomorrow. The allocation of some figures was poor so we're selling the toys in sets of 8 in addition to sets of 9 which include a secret figure.

NEWS Japanese Release Outlook - Arrivals on Thursday

NDS Ougon no Taiyou: Shikkokunaru Yoake Nintendo
Solatorobo: Sore kara Coda e Namco
Solatorobo: Sore kara Coda e Collector's Edition
Carnage Heart EXA 
Dream C Club
  God Eater Burst Bandai
God Eater Burst Accessory Set
  God Eater Burst Append Edition Bandai
Phantom Brave Portable
  Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Ryouran Yeti
Rajirugi NOA Massive    

NEWS Domestic Release Outlook - Arrivals on Tuesday-Thursday

NDS Bakugan Defenders of the Core Activision
  Backyard Sports Rookie Rush Atari
  Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Activision
  Crafting Mama Majesco
  Star Wars Force Unleashed II Bandai
PS3 Bakugan Defenders of the Core Activision
  Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Activision
  Family Game Night 3 EA
  The Fight: Lights Out Sony
  Monopoly Streets EA
  The Sims 3 EA
  Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Bandai
  Shaun White Skateboarding Ubisoft
  WWF Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 THQ
PSP Yugioh Tag Force 5 Konami
360 Bakugan Defenders of the Core Activision
  Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Activision
  Fable III Microsoft
  Family Game Night 3 EA
Wii Bakugan Defenders of the Core Activision
  Backyard Sports Rookie Rush Atari
  Deca Sports 3 Hudson
  Disney Channel All Star Party Disney
  Dora's Big Birthday Adventure 2K
  Family Game Night 3 EA
  Monopoly Streets EA