Wednesday, July 13, 2016

 HOME Dragon Quest AM Slime Pump Dispenser - New Import US$24.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   The Slimes from Dragon Quest are marshaled into service to become soap or lotion dispensers which unload a stream of liquid with every thump of the pump on top of each slime. Two styles are available for preorder - a blue Slime and an orange color variant which measure 19cm or 7.48" tall.

    Preorders are welcome to ship in late June 2016. Update: All preorders have shipped yesterday and new orders are welcome.

 Product Specs

 Manufacturer: Taito
 Dimension: 19cm (7.48")
 JAN Code: 6300-16-459923000
 Territory/Language: Japan

 TOYS Gyakuten Saiban Gashapon Rubber Mascot - New Import US$38.90/each

Gyakuten Saiban Gashapon Rubber Mascot
   The cast of Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) are flattened and printed onto colorful slices of PVC which are attached to straps for tethering to phones. A total of four characters have been revealed thus far as follows: Narufudo Ryuichi, Mitsurugi Reisamurai, Mayoi Ayasato, and Keisuke Itonokogiri but four more will be revealed shortly.
  ■ PVC Rubber Mascot
  ■ Size: 57mm
  ■ Complete set of eight 
  ■ Set Contents: Narufudo Ryuichi / Mitsurugi Reisamurai / Mayoi Ayasato / Keisuke Itonokogiri / four others
     Preorders are welcome to ship in late June 2016. Update: Preorders are shipping today and new orders are welcome.
 Product Specs
 Manufacturer: Bandai
 Japanese Title: 逆転裁判 その「真実」、異議あり! カプセルラバーマスコット 全8種セット
 Jan Code: 4549660066422

 BOOK The Wolfe Pack #1 Strong-Arm Tactics (Hardcover) - Sale US$28.90/each

The Wolfe Pack #1 Strong-Arm Tactics (Bk. 1) Hardcover - February 25, 2006
   Lt. Daivid Wolfe has been assigned to X-Ray Company, a repository for outsiders, oddballs, and undesirables that the Galactic Defense Force doesn't want to have to deal with but can't find a legitimate way to discharge. He is the eldest child and only son of one of the most powerful figures in the Thousand Worlds Confederation, who can't imagine why Daivid would ever want to join the army. Central Command - uneasily aware of his connections - sent him to the most unsavory unit in the space service, the Cockroaches.

   Wolfe takes the assignment as almost a sacred cause, determined to straighten out his company, whip it into a self-respecting fighting force, and make it proud of itself. As for the Cockroaches, they've chewed up and spat out gung-ho young lieutenants before-but have they underestimated Daivid Wolfe? They're sent on what ought to be a cream-puff assignment, a simple courier mission to the greatest amusement park in the galaxy, and end up defending the population from a ruthless enemy in the only way the Cockroaches know how: unconventionally.

   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT. All remaining stock is new original inventory from 2006.
Product Specifications
Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. (28 Feb. 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1592220444
ISBN-13: 978-1592220441