Wednesday, August 31, 2011

 TOYS Portrait of Pirates One Piece Neo DX Bartholomew Kuma

NCS Product Synopsis
Bartholomew Kuma is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea aka Shichibukai and he carries a bounty of 296,000,000 on his head. Kuma's a big burly bear of a man and he carries a Bible with him like an evangelist of sorts except he doesn't do much preaching. Kuma was originally ordered to destroy the Straw Hat Pirates but decides against it, bargaining to only take Luffy's life but Zoro offers his own life in place of Luffy. Kuma agrees but after doing the deed, he doesn't confirm Zoro's death...

   Bartholomew wears a black shiny jacket with a white symbol on the front - it could be a representation of the crosshair of a gun or perhaps an improvised ship's steering wheel. Kuma's hat bears a pair of mouse ears which make him appear like a Disney Mouseketeer. Repeat: Mouseketeer.

   Megahouse's rendition of Bartholomew Kuma is sculpted to 1/8 scale and measures 33cm or 13" tall so he towers above the other members of the Portrait of Pirates figures that have been released thus far. Kuma comes with an extra pair of hands, a replacement face, and his trusty Bible. New orders are welcome to ship today.

 TOYS Portrait of Pirates One Piece Portgas D. Ace  

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The "Strong World" rendition of Portgas D. Ace decks the foster brother of Luffy D. Monkey in a shiny and swishy leather jacket with matching leather pants. Portgas normally runs around shirtless like Matthew Mcconaughey but he gets on some garb in the Strong World movie to match the Straw Hat Pirates who are in matching leather duds. To add to the leather ensemble, Portgas' waist is adorned with a studded leather belt.

   Portgas's Strong World figure includes a total of three firearms - two rifles which may be hefted in his hands and a pistol that's slotted into a holster attached to his left leg. Two flames are affixed to Portgas' hands, one which billows upwards from two fingers on his right hand and a larger flame which emanates from the palm of his left hand. All preorders for the Portgas figure have shipped already and new orders are welcome to ship this afternoon.

 TOYS Portrait of Pirates One Piece Neo DX Vista

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The barrel-chested Vista is a mustachioed muscle man with a penchant for swordplay. In one battle against Dracule Mihawk, the two decided to call a truce after they discovered that they were evenly matched after exchanging a few sword strokes and otherworldly slashes.

   The Portrait of Pirates rendition of Vista is stocky and powerfully built which befits Vista's animated persona. His outfit is of the superhero-ish caliber with a billowing cape and a shirt which is opened at the chest to show the world his pectorals and hirsute nature. A pair of cutlasses with semi-circular handles is included with the figure which are sheathed into scabbards that are fixed to his sides. Vista's arms are pointed downwards so he won't be wielding any sabers in this incarnation. Preorders for the Vista figure have shipped already and new orders are welcome.