Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Limited Edition Bundle

Square Enix announced the FFVII Crisis Core bundle at the Playstation Premiere event last week and the news spread around the world in a twinkling. Since the announcement, there's been a constant stream of preorder requests from prospective customers for the FFVII Crisis Core LE PSP bundle. Based on details from Square, the following items are included in each limited edition box:

» Slim Silver PSP (The new redesigned version that's sleeker and sexier.)
» Stubby silver Buster Sword cell phone stray that's pudgy but sexy
» A copy of the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy game software
» Regulation issue battery recharger with zero sex appeal

The limited edition PSP is serially numbered from 00000 to 77777 and we're guessing someone at Square Enix is going to keep 00000 for himself but one of the unwashed has probably got a shot at 00001 and 77777. We're aiming for 00200 because it reads nicely from left to right.

NCS has started a reservation list for the Crisis Core bundle but please note the following information which was divulged to us yesterday.

Strict Ratio Distribution
Distributors in Japan who are willing to export the bundle will supply the FFVII Crisis Core Limited Edition bundle in an average ratio of 1 for every 10 copies of the game sold. This means that NCS must purchase 800 copies of the FFVII Crisis Core game in order to get the privilege of ordering 80 sets of the FFVII Crisis Core bundle. The wholesale cost of each bundle is also expected to be higher than the normal retail price in Japan.

We're fine with the distribution setup since the bundle is in high demand and distributors want to sell as many copies of the game as possible. However, the tricky part is even if we preorder 800 copies of FFVII CC, there's no guarantee that we'll receive 80 Crisis Core bundles since they're... y'know.... limited. We have submitted our preliminary preorder numbers and we'll keep everyone on our reservation list posted once we have further details on final pricing and availability.

Japanese Import Schedule Updated

The distribution details for PSP Crisis Core lists an unspecified bonus item that will be included in 15% of preorders for the game. The new NDS Hitman Reborn! game will be bundled with a bonus pouch in 50% ratio. Finally, NDS Tengen Toppa includes a bonus animation DVD in 1:1 ratio.
NDS Eiken DS Rocket Co.

Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! DS Ring Struggle Takara

Simple DS Series Vol. 22: The Zero Yon Shinya D3P

Simple DS Series Vol. 23: The Puzzle Quest D3P

Simple DS Series Vol. 24: The Sensha D3P

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Konami
PS2 Fantastic Fortune 2: Triple Star Cyberfront
PSP Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Square
XBX Halo History Pack (Halo and Halo 2 bundle) Microsoft