Tuesday, February 01, 2011

BATH Playstation Micro Fiber Towel - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Taito has started preorders for three Playstation-themed micro fiber towels as follows:

» White Playstation button-stream design
» Playstation Portable on blue background
» Playstation buttons on black background

   Each towel measures 70cm or 27.55" long. Preorders are welcome to ship in March 2011 at US$23.90 each. 

 TRC Juicy Honey EX Asuka Kirara - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Back in 2009, Mint released the Juicy Honey Special Edition Kirara Asuka which featured the Japanese AV idol in a collection of trading cards. Come March 2011, Asuka is getting imprinted in another collection of cards which show off the substantial assets of the JAV stalwart. 

   The photographs featured in Asuka Kirara's new collection of cards were taken in December 2010 and have been cleaned up, polished, and glossed up for the upcoming Juicy Honey collection. According to the preorder details, a total of 93 card variations are featured in the set which means lots of searching for collectors who want a goodly assortment of Jersey Cards, Kiss Cards, Photo Cards, Autograph Cards, and the like. Preorders are welcome to ship in March 2011 at JPY5800 or US$68.90 from NCS. Each box contains 9 packs of cards which in turn contain 7 cards each for a total of 63 cards for every factory box.

 TOYS To Heart 2 Komaki Manaka Summer Ver 1/6 Scale Figure

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Whenever a To Heart 2 toy is announced, we assume that it's going to be a Tamaki Kousaka figure. Not this time. This time around, it's Komaki Manaki who gets the PVC treatment in 1/6 scale with dimensions of 26.8 x 25.7 x 16cm and weighing in at 906g. In the To Heart 2 game, Manaka is a classmate of Tamaki's who volunteers at the library and serves as class rep.

   The Manaka Summer figure is decked out in a pink 2-piece bikini accompanied by a yellow inner tube which she grasps with both hands. The inner tube may be unhanded from Manaki to show the newfound swimsuit model in her skivvies. As an added bonus, a miniature Komaki Manaka surfboard is packaged with the figure. All preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship today.

 TOYS Baka to Test to Shokanju: Himeji Mizuki and Shokanju

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» In the Baka to Test to Shokanju manga/animation, Mizuki Himeji is a smart cookie who attends Fumizuki Academy. Due to circumstances beyong Mizuki's control, she's unable to complete an exam and lands up in "Class F" which is where the slackers and laggards reside. At Fumizuki Academy, the students all have a familiar called a Shokanju which help their masters and mistresses in battle. Mizuki's Shokanju is a munchkin-like version of herself who carries a broadsword.

   Chara-Ani's toy rendition of Mizuki Hemiji and her Shokanju are crafted to 1/8 scale which measure 20cm and 7cm respectively. All preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship today.