Friday, March 16, 2012

 MAG Weekly Famitsu 1215 - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The March 29, 2012 issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage of the following games and events in the Japanese marketplace:

» Report from the Game Developers Conference 2012 along with photos of the keynote speakers.
» Previews for PS3 Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation which ships in June 2012 and Biohazard Chronicles HD Selection which ships on June 28, 2012.
» Reviews for PSP DJ Max Portable: Black Square (6/7/6/7), PSP Hakuouki: Bakumatsu Musou Roku (8/7/7/7), PSP Littlewitch Parfait: Kuroneko Mahouten Monogatari (6/7/5/7), PSP Kurohyou 2: Ryu ga Gotoku Ashura Hen (10/10/9/9), PSV Little Busters! Converted Edition (8/8/7/7), 3DS Hime Girl Paradise: Mechikawa! Agemori Sensation! (7/7/6/7), 3DS Shin Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no Kagami (10/10/10/10), 3DS Pac-Man Party 3D (7/7/6/8), PS3 FIFA Street (8/8/7/8), PS3 Attouteki Yuugi: Mugen Souls (8/8/7/8), PS3 Ninja Gaiden 3 (9/9/9/9), X360 Ninja Gaiden 3 (9/9/9/9).
» Continuing coverage on PS3/X360 Dragon's Dogma which includes info on the character creation process, quests, and the game world.
» Phantasy Star Online 2 is headed to the Vita and the PC next year and Famitsu offers four pages of screenshots and information.
» Every copy of Famitsu 1215 includes a Shining Blade placard sandwiched between pages 74-75.
» Interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi and Takumi Saitoh on their work with Kurohyou 2: Ryu ga Gotoku Ashura Hen.
» Fruity beverages and coffee drinks are featured in this week's PICK UP FOOD.

Japanese Product Title: 週刊ファミ通 2012年3月29日号
JAN Code: 4910218850327

 NEWS General Updates

PS3 Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle - Shipment update
«©NCSX» The European version of PS3 Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle is expected on Monday or Tuesday of next week. The European releases of Inuzama 2 (Blizzard and Firestorm) are also expected early next week along with a shipment of the special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles which is packaged with a red controller for the European Wii. Similar to the release of Last Story, North American Wii consoles can play Xenoblade Chronicles if you haven't updated your firmware beyond firmware 3.2U by using the Freeloader.