Wednesday, April 03, 2019

 TOYS The King of Fighters '97 1/8 Scale Iori Yagami Figure - Preorder US$108.90 each

Product Synopsis
   From the decades-old King of Fighters '97 fighting game comes a 1/8 scale of the talented brawler Iori Yagami! In the Street Fighter series, Ken was Ryu's archrival and in King of Fighters, Iori was Kyo Kusanagi's archrival, destined to battle for eternity. The new rendition of Yagami shows off his arrogant demeanor as well as his eclectic sense of style.

Prototype samples shown.
Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late October 2019.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Emon Toys
Dimension: H26cm (10.23")
Material: PVC-ATBC
Product SKU: 4589619490243
Sculptor: Ishiyama Yuuki
Japanese Title: 1/8スケール THE KING OF FIGHTERS 97 八神庵
Territory/Language: Japan