Monday, August 08, 2022

TOYS Sailor Moon Glitter & Glamours Mars (New, 2022) Preorder $36.98/each


Product Synopsis  
Update August 8, 2022
   From Sailor Moon Eternal comes a new Sailor Mars figure in Banpresto’s female heroine series “GLITTER & GLAMOURS” which measures 23cm or 9.05" tall. Two color variants will be available - a black hair variant (Normal) and a blue hair variant (Pastel). All twelve Sailor characters will eventually be released in the Glitters & Glamours line-up so start your collection today!

   Reservations are welcome to ship in late December 2022. Each factory box contains 28 normal figures and 12 pastel figures so please note the price difference between the two versions.

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Dimension: H23cm (9.05")
Material: PVC, ABS
Jan Code: 19150-22-2575827
Territory/Language: Japanese

 TOYS Perfect Transformation Valkyrie Part 2 VF-1S/J/A (Sale, 2002) Offer $89.98/each

 Product Synopsis

 October 2002
 «©NCSX» Apparently exclusive to Banpresto's game-center, NCS gathers up a few cartons of the Perfect Transformation Valkyrie Part 2 for stateside fans. Rising roughly 4" from the floor in battroid mode, Banpresto's PVC Perfect Transformation Valkyrie features movable limbs and the ability to change from gerwalk to battroid to fighter. Two replacement helms for VF-1J and VF-1S, two hands, and a U.N Spacy engraved gunpod are included with each toy.
Choose from two available styles:
* Valkyrie VF-1J Red Armor with white trim (Available)
 * Valkyrie VF-1A Tan Armor with white trim (Sold Out)
 Shipping Note

    This item ships from our NYC warehouse same-day if ordered before 4PM EDT. .
  Product Specification
Manufacturer: Banpresto
  Dimension: H12cm (4.72")
  Material: PVC, ABS
  Japan Title: VF-1A バルキリー 一般兵用量産機(TV版カラー) 「超時空要塞マクロス」 完全変形バルキリー パート2
  JAN Code: 4983164311594
  Territory/Language: Japan