Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PSP Fate/Extra [Limited Edition] - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Archer, Saber, and the rest of the gang from the "Fate Stay" franchise are back but instead of full-out fisticuffs, they're supporting characters engaged in a role-playing game. The kind that contains natty cut-scenes and the occasional interaction sequence to move the story along. Players join the Holy Grail War by selecting and naming a male or female protagonist who becomes a Master that's bound to a Servant who helps its master win the war.

Japanese distributors have started preorders for the Limited Edition of the game but the regular edition should open up in a couple of weeks. The bonuses included in the Limited Edition are:

1) Figma "Saber Extra" figure which is decked out in a red dress that's almost tasteful were it not for the see-through gossamer out in front. Saber's "business" is visible to the universe but maybe her golden boots will draw attention away from her skivvies. A clear figma mounting stand is included to ensure that Saber's always steady in any pose.

2) Fate Extra Visual Works booklet which is filled with character illustrations and artwork by WadaAruko.

3) Fate Extra Limited Soundtrack CD with tracks composed by Shinji Hosoe aka MEGATEN.

4) Special Retail Box to hold all the goodies in a compact container.

The preorder solicitation from Marvelous also mentions that all preorders will include a bonus game booklet that's being given away in 100% ratio. Reservations are welcome to ship on March 18, 2010 at JPY9980 or US$118.90 from NCS.

PSP IkkiTousen Xross Impact (New Gentei Bakuretsu Pack) - Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Marvelous enjoyed a decent hit with Ikkitousen Eloquent Fist from October of last year and the sales numbers were adequate enough to compel future releases. The game's already been re-issued under the "Best" banner and Marvelous milks Eloquent Fist with a full-blown sequel that's bound to bring fans back into the fold.

Ikkitousen Xross Impact
features the same side-scrolling punching and kicking action from Eloquent Fist but the story is brand new and six new characters join the cast to increase the roster to 22 heroines. New moves are also available to the girls so they can fight with whippy panache. Similar to the original game, Xross Impact is replete with bouncing breasts and clothing that shatters when smacked with a strategic hit. Up to two players may cooperate in the action via ad-hoc mode.

The "New Gentei Bakuretsu Pack" version of Xross Impact includes a few bonuses as follows:

1) Kanu Unchou Petit Nendoroid figure which is exclusive to the Gentei Bakuretsu Pack and won't be sold in any other capacity.

2) Set of 24 Ikkitousen POGs which feature the cast of characters showing all of their individual splendor. By splendor, we mean bosoms.

3) Original Drama CD featuring the voice actresses from the animated Ikkitousen serial in a new dramatic scenario.

4) Poster which depicts a new character taking a bubble bath.

The game and bonuses are all packaged in a special box which looks to be the same size as the original Eloquent Fist LE box. Preorders are welcome to ship on April 1, 2010 at JPY9500 or US$115.90 from NCS. According to the preorder details, a special limited edition POG will be given away to early reservations in 50% ratio.

PSP SP2500 Series Vol. 13: The Akuma Hunters - Exorsister - Pre

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Who you gonna call when spooks, demons, and goblins are afoot? Ghostbusters? Fuggedaboutit, those codgers are frail and infirm thanks to decades of lugging those ungodly Proton Packs on their backs. Nowadays, when paranormal activity flares up, you call The Devil Hunters who're also known as Exorsister. Repeat: Exorsister - four buxom warriors (Angela, Gloria, Mina, and Silva) who have sword-handling skills, coltish legs, and skimpy outfits that would put the blush on almost anyone.
Tamsoft and D3 Publisher team up once again for a heroine-themed 3D hack 'n slasher. Oneechan Bara fans will recognize Tamsoft as the developer who brought Aya and Saki to life. To pay homage to Oneechan, one of the outfits that may be unlocked in Exorcister is Aya's outlandish yet starkly recognizable outfit which can be accessorized with a billowing feather boa.
Preorders are welcome to ship on December 23, 2009 at JPY2800 or US$33.90 from NCS.

PS3 Ar tonelico III: Sekai Shuuen no Hikigane wa Shoujo - Pre

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Reservations are welcome for Ar Tonelico 3 which graduates from the Playstation 2 to the PS3. That means high-definition Reyvateils. Reservations are welcome to ship on January 23, 2009 at JPY6980 or US$73.90 from NCS. All preorders will ship with a bonus Official Visual Book which contains character illustrations and artwork that's being given away by Banpresto.

PSP Arcobaleno! Portable - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Kaya Yuno is an 18-year old student who attends the Murota Culinary School which trains aspiring chefs on the ins and outs of the kitchen and proper Italian cooking. While at the school, Kaya exercises diligence in learning how to cook (with gainful employment in mind) but also interacts with the mostly male students in a romance simulation which is aimed at Japanese girl gamers. The first printing of the game will include a bonus Drama CD that's being given away in 100% ratio. Preorders are welcome to ship on January 28, 2010 at JPY4800 or US$53.90 from NCS..

NEWS General Updates

Veteran's Day
The USA celebrates its military veterans today and the U.S. Postal Service is on hiatus. NCS will resume postal shipping tomorrow.
Bayonetta OST
The Bayonetta OST was released last night in Japan and we should receive our allotment tomorrow. Preorders are welcome.
Fate/Unlimited Codes Distant Avalon Figure
The new Saber Lily figure from Good Smile Company is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and all reservations will ship on Thursday.